Applying Feng Shui to Your Bathroom

Feng Shui can help you act against the negative energy that accumulate in the bathroom. Read about how you can put its principles into practice.
Applying Feng Shui to Your Bathroom

Last update: 20 July, 2019

According to Chinese tradition, bathrooms are a place where energy constantly escapes through drains and water. To solve the energy leaks, many people apply Feng Shui to create a harmonious space.

In Feng Shui, bathrooms are a little tricky but there are ways to fill them with positive energy. Following a few decor recommendations can help you create an intimate, warm space that banishes negativity.

Do you want to turn your bathroom into a peaceful, relaxing place? If you answered “yes”, apply the principles of Feng Shui for success. We’ll share our best recommendations with you below. Don’t forget to take notes!

Applying Feng Shui to your bathroom

Bringing the art of Feng Shui to your bathroom has one purpose: to balance the offset energy to create a completely harmonious home. And, of course, it also aims to create a comfortable, pleasant setting.


feng shui bathroom colors

Bathrooms with cool colors do nothing to help combat the flow of negative energy. With that in mind, avoid using colors like blue, white, black, gray or metallic tones.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any exceptions. You can use small amounts of these colors in decor accessories. For wider areas though, we suggest using green, yellow, brown, red or multiple colors.


In Feng Shui, where your bathroom is in your home can influence the flow of negative energy a great deal. The least advisable spots are in front of the entrance, near the stairs and outside the kitchen or dining room.

On a further note, the best placement for running water is behind the door or in another area that can’t be seen from the entrance. Additionally, you have to keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom doors closed. Repair any drips or leaks as soon as possible to keep them from blocking Chi.

Bathroom accessories

feng shui bathroom accessories

There are all kinds of bathroom accessories you can use to create a positive setting in your bathroom. First things first, avoid using accessories in unfavorable colors as much as you can.

Which bathroom accessories can you use? Cabinets, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, towel bars, shelves and more. The colors you use should contrast with your walls. To create a healthier energy balance, try using wood, clay or ceramic pieces.


A bathroom that follows the principles of Feng Shui will have all of its lights in perfect condition. In any case, natural light is the best option, so skylights or windows are ideal. Replace any burned out lights as soon as you can.

Throughout your home, you should have warm lighting. But you can add a cold light source to increase visibility in your bathroom for your personal tasks like shaving or putting makeup on. If you can, try adding a second light that’s warm to your bathroom.


feng shui bathroom warmth

Using accessories like natural plants and candles are the best way to create warmth. Place them in the areas with the largest energy leaks, such as near water or next to the sink.


Today, you can find all kinds of air-fresheners that help neutralize bathroom odors. But if you want to uphold the Feng Shui values, you should discard them entirely.

Instead of turning to artificial air-fresheners, try using natural fragrances such as citric fruit peel and spices. There are plenty of natural air-fresheners that you can choose from.


According to Feng Shui, your bathroom needs a mirror. A mirror won’t only create more visual depth, but it’ll also enhance lighting and help balance energy. Place one above your sink or behind your door. Just remember that there shouldn’t be more than two.

Want to give Feng Shui a shot for your bathroom? If you’re picking up on negative vibes in your bathroom, don’t think twice about it!