Handmade Ceramics for Your Home Decoration

Handmade ceramics are amazing, unique pieces of home decor with a lovely aesthetic. Here are some of our favorite craftspeople and businesses.
Handmade Ceramics for Your Home Decoration

Last update: 16 October, 2020

Handmade decorations have become a major trend in recent years. We’ve found a taste for these age-old crafts where people are still making gorgeous, unique pieces with a completely original design. Today, we’re going to focus specifically on handmade ceramics and some of the best craftspeople in the industry right now.

You might just want it as decoration, or for daily use, but either way you’re looking for something high-quality with an elegant design. To meet that demand, craftspeople have had to reinvent their techniques and glazes to make new, surprising pieces.

This could come in the form of illustrations on elegant tableware, or a gorgeous glaze with a secret recipe. For example, the British designer Linda Bloomfield makes some truly incredible pieces that also have unique coloring. 

Handmade ceramics around the world

Japan and Sweden both have a long tradition of ceramics-making. But there’s also some great history in Denmark, Spain, and England, countries with lots of creativity and their own long history with ceramics. Now, we’re going to show you some of our favorite names in the current handmade ceramics scene.

Nona Bruna

nona bruna mugs and bowls handmade ceramics

Plates/ nonabruna.com

Argentinian Lola Giardino has lived in Barcelona for many years now, giving shape to her rich ceramics practice. Her style is so diverse that you won’t find a single two pieces alike. Nona Bruna isn’t just about making and selling the ceramics, either. They also organize retreats and creative workshops to give you a chance to let out your own artistic side.

Somos Bonjour

pink ceramic plates handmade ceramics

Pink plates / somosbonjour.es

At the head of this brand, with pieces that are 100% handmade, is Elena Meseguer. She has come up with a concept where the craftsmanship goes into every aspect of production: modeling, firing, and glazing. The result: high-quality ceramics that have lots of unique features.

Anne Black

green ceramic flowerpot

Plant pot/ anneblack.dk

This store is based in Denmark, but its founder gets her inspiration from a Vietnamese tradition called Bat TrangThe most interesting aspect of her brand is that you’ll find all kinds of different ceramics, from mirrors to bookshelves.

Ana Illueca

ceramic plates

Colored plates / anaillueca.com

This Valencian is trying to bring back the Valencian tradition of copper green and has started a fascinating project that involves making ceramics with espolína kind of fabric typical of the “Fallas” in Valencia, which is also in danger of extinction.

MK Studio

ceramic cup

Pot/ mk-ceramics.com

Back in Denmark (Copenhagen), there’s a ceramicist named Magdalena who joined forces with the chef Michal to create a very special workshop. Glazed cups are their star product.


ceramic decor

Legs/ comocuando.com

Esther defines herself as a woman who loves to make things. She likes to let her creativity take her wherever it goes and has also worked with all kinds of materials. Now, she’s making ceramic pieces that have amazingly rich stories. She makes everything from brooches for clothing and scarves to these funny leg sculptures you can hang on your walls.

Madriguera workshop

ceramic mugs

Cups/ madrigueraworkshop.com

This Galician handmade ceramics company has also been one of our favorites for years now. Lydia de la Piñeira and Luis Llamas are its founders, and in their words, they’ve been making objects full of life since 2012. For some of their pieces they use a pottery wheel with various types of clay, and for others, they use a plaster mold.

Emily Bond

illustrations on ceramic plates

Painted plates/ emilybond.co.uk

This famous fabric artist has moved onto handmade ceramics with lovely illustrations and a gorgeous color palette. Her style is perfect for romantics and people who love subtle details with some classical and avant-garde touches, too.

La Cartuja de Sevilla

ceramic set

Dishware / lacartujadesevilla.com

We couldn’t finish this article without mentioning this legendary brand from Seville. Their quality is undeniable, but their fame hasn’t made them complacent. Nowadays, they’re trying to reinvent ancient styles with 3D printing techniques. 

It’s for all tastes and color preferences. These handmade ceramics reflect lots of styles from all over the world, and they’re available for your home! There are options for any budget, and you can always be sure they’re high-quality, with a unique personality.