7 Ideas for Painting Creatively

Want to unleash your creativity and paint? Here are some creative ideas to get you going.
7 Ideas for Painting Creatively

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Before you get started painting, you need to have a clear idea of your plan. So, in today’s post we’re going to explain different ways for painting creatively. We’ll also delve into different painting techniques that you can do yourself. There are all kinds of easy methods that you can use with just a handful of materials.

The most important thing is that you express yourself and embellish your project with colors and textures. Here are 7 ideas for painting anything creatively.

Ideas for painting creatively

As we mentioned earlier, you only need a few elements to decorate whatever you want in your home. You could paint walls, decorative and functional objects or furniture.

Painting walls

There are all kinds of easy painting techniques that you can use to apply the pattern, texture or images that you want onto your home’s walls. You could use two or more colors, add texture and designs however you please.

1. Halfway hue wall

The halfway hue technique is a hot trend these days that paints walls halfway. In other words, one color is used for the top half of the wall and a different one for the bottom. It allows you two use two colors and decorate your rooms with originality.

painting creatively 1

2. Sponge effect

Painting creatively with a sponge texture is another original idea. To get started, choose two different colors, one light color and another dark one. Use the light color as the base. Cover your entire wall and let dry.

Then, take a sponge or bunched up rag and dip it into the darker color. Now, pat your entire wall. The lighter color that peeps through will give your walls an interesting effect.

Or, you can invert the colors and use the darker color as the base and pat on the lighter one. A great combination is a medium gray base with a white and light gray sponge effect. Try it for yourself and we promise you’ll fall in love with the results!

3. Random brushstrokes

For another wonderful idea, use a medium-sized brush to make random brush strokes. Add a little white to your color but don’t completely mix them together. Dip your brush into the two colors and start applying random brush strokes. The result will be random strokes with mixed colors. They’ll create a wonderful texture for your home walls.

painting creatively 3

4. Dripping paint

Now, let’s move on to a dripping effect. This idea calls for squirting bottles of any color that you want onto your walls. First, choose a base color. The base could be white, chalk white or beige, for example. Then, squirt the color-filled bottles in a line from the top part of your wall. The colors will drip downwards and mix together. Let your wall dry and enjoy your creative wall. It’s also a fun idea that could look great in children’s rooms.

5. Make geometric patterns with masking tape

Our next idea for painting creatively is geometric patterns. You’ll just need some masking tape and wall paint in the colors of your choice. Start by taping geometric shapes onto your walls. Let your imagination run loose and mix up straight lines with diagonal ones and create interesting intersections to make spaces. Paint each space a different color and once completely dried, remove the tape.

Paint objects

You can use these original and practical techniques to paint things other than walls. For example, you could paint furniture, decorative objects, and many other things.

painting creatively 4

6. Glass jars

Gather several glass jars and pick a color or two and pour them into a deep containerDip the bottoms of your jars in the paint and tilt them for unique effects. This is a beautiful yet simple idea.

7. Mugs

You can also paint mugs and dishes with the colors or materials of your choice. If you have white mugs, for example, you can make beautiful designs on them. You’ll just need a fine-tip permanent marker. Paint and create beautiful designs on all of your mugs for a new dish set.

As you’ve read today, painting creatively has no limits. You can use different techniques together and paint how you wish. Choose your favorite technique and paint your home and objects with a blast of creativity.

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