How to Decorate a Basement: 5 Creative Ideas

Here are some incredible ideas on how to remodel your basement and turn into an incredible space.
How to Decorate a Basement: 5 Creative Ideas

Last update: 05 February, 2019

Want to add a new space to your home? Why not decorate your basement? This underground space some houses have is usually just full of dust and old boxes.

Haven’t you ever thought about how great the area could be if you touched it up? You can transform it completely, remodel it, create some fun corners, and decorate it however you like. So, here are some ideas on how to decorate your basement in a way that you’ll love!

5 ideas on how to decorate a basement

Create a second living room

Sometimes you just need more space in your house. If you have a big family with kids of all ages, creating another living room can make your home feel bigger and more intimate. You can use it to host family or friends, or just give your kids a new play area.

If you want to decorate your basement like a second living room, you should put in chairs, cushions, and springy carpet. Basements don’t usually have big windows or good ventilation because they’re underground. So, it’s best to paint the walls white or very light tones. This will make the area feel much brighter.

If you want to put in a couch or two, you should also find ones that come in light colors. You can add color with the accessories.

living room basement


If you have teenagers, they’ll definitely be wanting a space besides their room where they can relax and have their friends over. This makes decorating a basement as a playroom a wonderful alternative.

You could decorate the walls with instruments, posters, or paintings of things they like. And, of course, light-colored walls! If you want to make it extra fun and have space, you can add a ping-pong, pool, or football table. Your kids will have a great time with their friends during the weekend.

Another cool option would be to make a corner for younger kids. Use lots of colors, put in a small table with chairs, a chalkboard, and some toys. That way even the little kids get their own space to have fun in.

Home theater

If you and your family are movie and TV fanatics, then turning your basement into a home theater is perfect for you. Put in individual armchairs. Sofas, chairs, and big floor cushions are also great. You could also hang up a poster for your favorite movie in the entrance and put up some red curtains on the wall.

You could either get a wide-screen TV or a projector screen. Everyone will probably want popcorn and drinks with their movie too, so you could install a small kitchen with a minibar. Add some blankets and a huge white rug and you’ll have an amazing, comfortable theater in your house. It’s a dream come true for any true movie lover.

Rehearsal space

If there are any musicians in your house, you can make your basement into a rehearsal space for them!

You’ll want to start by installing some kind of soundproofing in the ceiling, and, of course, some sockets for instruments and amplifiers. You can decorate the walls with pictures of their favorite bands and musical notes. Make sure there’s also good lighting and hooks in the walls so they can hang up their instruments.

Office space

If you do a lot of work at home or work entirely from home, you could make yourself an office in the basement. Decorate your basement to feel comfortable–a big desk, a comfortable chair, light tones all around, etc…You can also add organizers, file cabinets, pencil holders, a big wall calendar, and all kinds of other things.

basement office

Remember that you’re transforming your basement. You need to use light colors and add at least one small window to help ventilate the room if you can. These ideas will help you create some distinct spaces, expand your house, have more friends and family over, and give your whole family a more intimate space to spend time in!

So, don’t waste any space in your home and decorate your basement. If you’ve had a bunch of stuff stored in it for a long time, that’s probably because you don’t need it. Why not recycle or donate the things you know you’ll never use? That way, you’ll have the space you need to create a beautiful basement.