4 IKEA Desks

In today's post, we'd like to show you a selection of IKEA desks. In addition to decorating a room, they also are very practical.
4 IKEA Desks

Last update: 24 November, 2018

In our post today, we’ve listed a selection of IKEA desks to show you. Choosing the right desk for an office or study is fundamental.

Many people work in offices where they can’t always choose their desks and tables. But these days companies are interested in the comfort of their staff and choose comfortable furniture for their employees.

As with chairs, desks have an impact on our work performance as well as on our health. So, choosing the right desk for our needs is very important. We might have to spend long hours sitting at it, so it has to be practical.

When you’re looking for a desk, you need to analyze how functional it is (drawers, cable holes, etc.) as well as its dimensions. It should be big enough to allow you to feel completely comfortable. It needs to have enough space for your papers, folders, lamp, laptop stand

Below, we’ll show you 4 great desks that you can find in the IKEA collection.


The KULLABERG desk has a very natural look: the wood knots and marks are left as they are. As a result, each desk is completely unique.

IKEA desks kullaberg

For cleaning, you just need to use a light cleaning product and dry it with a rag. A couple weeks after purchasing it, tighten the screws a little to make sure the table is nice and stable. It costs 129 euros.

If you like, you can also use this desk as a dining table. You just need to set up the extension. It’s a table with various uses.

However, it doesn’t have drawers so you’ll have to be organized.


Each LISABO desk has its own charm thanks to the unique wood grain patterns. The table uses a sheet of ash plywood (a very strong material) and the legs are made of birch.

This table looks great in Nordic style offices or bedrooms. It’s a simple desk, leaning towards the minimalist style. The LISABO desk costs 149 euros. Under the table, it has a small drawer that includes buffers to keep it from falling out. A drawer means all your papers and other bits and pieces are handy.



This is available in white and gray and has a built-in cable  organizer so you won’t have any problems hiding them in your office. The back surface is finished, so you can place it in the middle of your room. It could also be a great way to divide a room into two different spaces.


As for its maintenance, you just need a rag with a gentle cleaning product or soap and a dry rag to finish. The two drawers below the desktop have buffers to keep them from falling out.

The ALEX desk is available in white and gray. Both models cost 149 euros.


The last item on our list is solid-wood. In addition to being a natural piece of furniture, it’ll last a very long time. The HEMNES desk comes with two drawers underneath the desktop, which you can use to store papers, pens, files etc.

To clean it, mix a little cleaning product with some water and dry with a rag. This desk comes in several colors: black-brown, light brown, and white. All three models cost 149 euros.

IKEA desks Hemnes

If you like the look of this desk you combine it with the other products in the same collection as well. They’ll look great together in one room.

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you might notice some muscle pain (there are exercises to help relieve them). To prevent this choose an adequately sized desk that’ll help you maintain a better posture.

As you’ve read today, all of these desks have a simple design but they’re practical and functional. On top of that, they’re also quite economical, following the IKEA norm.