How to Make the Most of your Kitchen Space

Making the most of your kitchen space can seem like mission impossible. But with our tips, you'll be able to create a practical and organized kitchen.
How to Make the Most of your Kitchen Space

Last update: 28 October, 2018

Your kitchen space can often find itself under threat; the living room is almost always given top priority – and an extra few feet of space.

Of course, this doesn’t just happen with the kitchen, but also with our bathrooms.

The topic of space can be a real headache. All of us want to have all the space we need so that we can create an organized and harmonious home. In small kitchens, finding the space to keep everything can seem like mission impossible.

It’s true that it can be difficult to find a way to make the most of our space, but it’s far from impossible.

First of all, we really need to get the idea out of our heads that having a small kitchen means having to compromise on design, style and functionality.

So in this article, we’re going to tell you how to make the most of your kitchen space so that you can cook in a comfortable and beautiful kitchen.

Practical furniture

If you want to make the most of your kitchen space, it’s essential to choose the right furniture.

While your kitchen might be small, it can be still be perfect with the right choice of furniture.

First of all, choose a sliding door, preferably a glass one. Having a sliding door is a great way to save space in your kitchen – you can actually save up to three feet.

Plus, if the door is made of glass or another translucent material, it will allow more light into your room and make it seem bigger.

Another advantage of having a transparent door is that it will mean your kitchen isn’t isolated from the living or dining room.

A sliding door can make all the difference to your kitchen space.

Secondly, we recommend that you invest in made-to-measure furniture, especially when it comes to corner cupboards and counters. Corner furniture like cupboards and counters is very practical. It prevents corners, which can so easily go unused, from being left to simply collect dust.

Thirdly, make the most of the walls, as they can help you to gain space. Why not put up shelves or high furniture?

On the other hand, according to experts, adding drawers is also a great way to optimize your kitchen space. However, you should use them for keeping things that you don’t use too often, so that you won’t have to bend down all the time.

Choose the right domestic appliances

If you choose the right ones, domestic appliances can also help you to make the most of your kitchen space.

The best thing is to choose multi-functional kitchen appliances, like a washer-dryer, or a combination microwave oven.

As well as being multi-functional, if you’ve got a small family, you can also choose smaller appliances.

The real icing on the cake is that you can put your appliances inside kitchen cabinets, so they are out of sight, and out of the way.

Practical accessories to optimize your kitchen space

As humans, one of our main issues is that we often accumulate possessions that end up being completely useless. The same thing happens in our kitchens. If you decide to do a deep clean of your kitchen, you’ll discover that there is a mountain of objects that you really don’t use for anything. They just take up precious space.

To avoid accumulating unnecessary things, you should only buy really useful accessories, like:

  • Hanging racks: for hanging up tea towels, ladles and other utensils
  • Hooks, magnets: some of your greatest allies, they will help you to make the most of your kitchen space
  • Towel racks and hangers
  • Glass jars: for pasta, rice, pulses
A practical hanging rack is an accessory which can help you save so much kitchen space.

Make the most of forgotten spaces

Be creative and use even the most unusual spaces to keep, hang and store objects.

For example, why not use the underside of your shelves to hang glasses and mugs? You can also use the inside of cupboard doors to store or hang things.

Something that works really well is putting up additional shelves inside your cupboards, so that you can gain space without putting any more holes in your kitchen wall.

Organization is the key

Without good organization, you could have the most practical kitchen in the world, and it would still look a mess.

All your efforts to make the most of your kitchen space will count for nothing if you don’t keep on top of your tidying.

Without order, your kitchen will be disorganized, with lots of things simply lying around all over the place. Everything should have its place.

It’s essential that everyone in the family helps to keep your kitchen organized.

With the right furniture and accessories, you can make the most of your kitchen space.


Making the most of your kitchen space can be so simple. You just need to know how to choose the right kitchen components, from the furniture, to the accessories.

Remember, a small kitchen doesn’t have to mean a dull, disorganized or plain kitchen.

What’s more, having a small kitchen is a great opportunity to get into the habit of being organized, and to create a really practical space in your home.

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