Hydraulic Tiles: a Touch of Inspiration

Hydraulic Tiles: a Touch of Inspiration

Last update: 12 November, 2018

Just as we see in the fashion world, trends in decoration are also cyclical. They come and go. Trends use modern elements that are inspired by the past. But before we talk about hydraulic tiles, let’s get familiar with the basics first.

What are hydraulic tiles?

Hydraulic tiles are colorful cement tiles that are made with a hydraulic press; thus, the name “hydraulic” tile.

These tiles first appeared in France at the end of the 19th century and became quite popular all over Europe. They were inspired by the Deco and Modern art movements. From there, they’ve enjoyed popularity in cities such as Barcelona, where they were used by the internationally-celebrated architect, Gaudi.

Hydraulic tiles are making a huge comeback. Their return comes with plenty of decoration possibilities that range from more traditional to ones that boast more sophistication.

You might ask yourself: why are hydraulic tiles back in style? Well recently, vintage/retro styles that seek out past elements have been all the rage. And that’s just the case with these tiles.

These tiles have a certain charm that sets them apart from others. In addition to being an original, decorative piece, they’re sturdy and resilient.

There’s a hydraulic tile for every style

Whatever your decorative style might be, they’ll always be room for hydraulic tiles. As well as serving as a decorative piece for your home, these tiles can completely change the feel of any room.

Currently, there are countless ways to use them in your home’s decor, regardless if it’s minimalist, industrial or classic.

You could try decorating steps or a table surface with them or even arrange them to look like a rug.

Any room will benefit from hydraulic tiles thanks to the plethora of designs and colors available. On top of that, taking care of these tiles is so simple that you’ll get plenty of use out of them over time.

As you can see, there are so many ways to use hydraulic tiles in your home.

Hydraulic tiles many uses

Moroccan inspiration

Moroccan-inspired hydraulic tiles turn heads with their exceptional beauty. They use a lot of golden tones combined with vibrant colors, giving a room an exotic feel.

Another popular color is blue, which is a color with an obvious influence from the Mediterranean. It creates a Bohemian and relaxed atmosphere.

Adding on, combining brown tones with green, wine red or orange can create cozy areas or spaces that remind us of Arabic settings.

Geometric motifs

Hydraulic tiles that sport geometric patterns are in high demand thanks to the beautiful results that they offer.

They work wonderfully with Nordic or Nouveau styles as they add a touch of originality without detracting from the main theme.

Hydraulic tiles geometric motifs

Hydraulic tiles have brought back traditional shapes such as the hexagon. These geometric patterns can convert any of the spaces that they decorate into a decor centerpiece.

These tiles invite you to let your imagination run wild for a unique and very contemporary finish.


Hydraulic tiles that sport a classic design are more reminiscent of the era in which their popularity reached its climax; between the 60s and 70s.

Hydraulic tiles classic design

A hydraulic mosaic is one of the most beautiful designs that you could create. They’ve graced many floors and walls in homes back in the day.

A new hydraulic tile trend sees them as a patchwork quilt. The idea uses tiles of different designs and colors, regardless if they match or not.

Another trend is only covering a portion of a floor in hydraulic tiles. By doing so, people create a special design on the surface of whatever they’re decorating.

You could try arranging them in a square or rectangle, imitating a rug. Or, you could even use them with wood to create a contrast between the two materials and their colors.

So, are you going to try this awesome decor trend?

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