Boho Decoration: A Bohemian Style

Boho decoration is a style that's full of personality, creativity, and color. Say goodbye to black and white, and say hello to bright colors and natural materials!
Boho Decoration: A Bohemian Style

Last update: 07 November, 2018

The first thing you should know about boho decor is that it doesn’t follow rules or patterns. It’s all about freedom and being rebellious, carefree, flexible, and staying outside of the box.

However, just because boho decoration is a little unconventional doesn’t mean we should forget some things if we’re trying to achieve a boho look. The way we adapt boho decor will depend on our personal taste. If you want to learn more, keep reading this post!

The world of boho style

Remember that Bohemians made this style popular. They’ve always been people who have rejected traditional standards in order to maintain a different lifestyle from the rest of society.

One of its most important ideas is its hippie, exotic, ethnic, and of course, bohemian appearance. But why are there so many different styles that can fall under the umbrella of bohemian style? Well, boho decor mixes objects from many different cultures and styles, hence its casual and eclectic air.

Boho decoration has the essence of someone who’s well-traveled since it contains objects and elements from all over the world, representing a wide variety of cultures. However, it’s important that the designer seeks balance and creates a harmonious environment.

Important colors in bohemian style

A bohemian style is known for incorporating several colors. They should have an increased visual weight in comparison to other decor styles.

Colors are very important in bohemian decor because they’re the axis, or base, of the decor. They should look naturally mixed and be able to fit into any space. The most used colors are vibrant and velvety, which creates a nice contrast between them.

Light is also a key aspect in this style. Incorporating light allows the colors to bounce off one another and therefore look brighter.

Colors that stand out are fuchsia, purple, orange, mustard yellow, and deep blue.

Therefore, the easiest thing to do is to opt for soft and natural tones like white, orange, brown, or green if you’re not comfortable working with more complicated colors. Although, if you dare, you should try to incorporate the more rare, lush colors into your home.

bohemian decor

Other colors that work great in a bohemian home are gemstone colors such as emerald or sapphire.

Textiles: an indispensable element

Textiles are one of the most important things when it comes to bohemian decor. They should be prominent and noticeable in any bohemian room. Patterns with different styles give your space a special touch, which is a characteristic of bohemian decor.

Thick rugs, blankets on sofas, cushions, tapestries on the walls, covers, sheets, velvet for upholstering sofas, Moroccan poufs, or curtains instead of doors will be key to achieving a bohemian style. All of these items can have Middle Eastern, Moroccan, or Asian patterns, which will only add to the worldly feel that is so important in bohemian decoration.

Your bedroom will be the ideal room to experiment with textiles. They should be easy to find while you’re shopping. Adding them to your bedroom will lend a cheerful, carefree, and romantic air to your room.

By incorporating these elements into your room, your space will become more casual and less serious.

bohemian bedroom

Furniture and accessories in boho decoration

Furniture in bohemian style is generally vintage furniture that lends a retro look to the room. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to vintage furniture when you’re furniture shopping. With bohemian style, you can really incorporate any type of furniture as long as it goes with the rest of the elements in the room. Consider using a Chesterfield leather sofa. Just because it’s a classic piece of furniture doesn’t mean you can’t make it boho with lots of cushions and a sturdy wooden coffee table.

If you don’t want to take a risk and prefer to play it safe, there are pieces of furniture that are a safe bet. Some examples of this type of furniture include furniture made out of natural materials such as worn wood, wicker, or wrought iron.

bohemian style

When it comes to accessories, ceramic pieces such as decorative plates, photos, or sculptures are common in bohemian design.

If you’re going for a boho look, consider hanging small pieces of decor on your walls. One thing that we commonly see in bohemian spaces are small pieces of crochet either hanging from the wall or adorning a piece of furniture.

As with the furniture, when it comes to accessories, the more natural the better. Wood or metals combine perfectly with the rest of the environment.

You should consider including wicker baskets or baskets made of other natural fibers. Think about incorporating an antique chandelier, candles in the corner of the room, stand-alone shelves, bronze trays, or ceramic bowls. All of these pieces help contribute to a bohemian aesthetic.

When thinking about decorating the walls, you can hang dream catchers, precious stones, a pile of old books, or anything else you can think of. Your imagination has no limits in bohemian decor.

Plants and flowers

It’s absolutely essential to incorporate plants and flowers in boho decoration. You can use either natural or artificial plants, although a natural plant always lends more to a special, unique atmosphere.

The bigger the plants, the better, as this makes the space feel natural. You can also consider hanging plants from the ceiling or placing them on shelves. In addition, you can decorate them and hang them in pots from the ceiling.

Flowers, apart from being an important part of bohemian decor, also bring a lot of color into your space. Different plants and flowers come from different cultures, which will bring a new sense of worldliness into your space. Adding plants or flowers is one of the easiest and most economical ways to give natural touches to your home.

Recently it’s become very popular to have a boho-style wedding. Dresses, decor, and flowers are beginning to follow a new path, leaving conventional weddings behind.

As we can see, boho decoration is synonymous with rebelliousness and color. It relies on natural elements. Do you dare to include bohemian style into your home?