Woven Baskets: Handcrafts Haven't Gone Out of Style

To give your home an artisanal touch, woven baskets are the ideal resource to combine sophistication and functionality, fitting very well in any style and serving as a container to keep all kinds of objects.
Woven Baskets: Handcrafts Haven't Gone Out of Style

Last update: 04 December, 2020

In the home decor world, you can find all kinds of ideas, from mass production to items that are handmade. Woven baskets are a lovely handcrafted addition to your home.

You can use any object to decorate a room. However, it should have a specific purpose that’s subtle, elegant, and attractive.

Handmade items are unique. Behind them is work, creation, and meaning. Therefore, they’re a good bet and, without a doubt, they’ll enrich your rooms and contribute to the definition of the style.

What are woven baskets made of?

Some toys in woven baskets.

People usually make woven baskets with jute, a material that’s resistant to the passage of time and is malleable enough that people can work with it by hand. You can feel the creativity.

With these qualities, personal ingenuity in design plays a very important role. This can be simple or more sophisticated, it all depends on the ideas and intentions of the designer. However, the idea that must be emphasized is that it’s a handcrafted product.

On the other hand, the naturalness of the material itself should be highlighted, classifying it as sustainable. That’s to say, those that have been made with natural products and aren’t expensive.

Delicacy and naturalness exist in the appearance.

Four types of woven baskets

Some shelves with things in them.

Besides considering them as a decor item, baskets also have a functional capacity. They’re used both to offer a decorative image and to store objects. Therefore, they’re useful for the internal organization of the house. We’re going to look at 4 interesting types of woven baskets:

  1. One of the most common has curved handles and a circular or oval shape. It’s large and usually measures 12 inches high by 14 inches wide. The external decoration can be varied, from plain tones to the most intricate patterns.
  2. Another that’s similar to the previous one doesn’t have handles. This may remind you more of a historical basket since there’s evidence of the production of these types of baskets during the Neolithic period. If it has colors on the outside, it’ll be much more attractive.
  3. On the other hand, there are those that have a trapezoid shape and straight lines. This is a completely different format from the previous one. They’re made of much harder jute and are used, above all, as magazine racks.
  4. As for rectangular ones, they’re simpler and are used for different functions: magazine rack, bread basket, to store your cosmetics, etc. They’re usually covered with a cloth to protect the jute and thus offer a more subtle appearance.

Wooden options

Two squared woven baskets.

Wood’s another material that can be used for woven baskets. Obviously, they’re not made from thick and firm strips, since they need to easily be bent.

This is done by interlacing different flat or cylindrical bars that are lightweight. They’re not thick and have a clear resemblance to wicker. This doesn’t mean they aren’t strong. In fact, you can get a firm and lasting result.

Generally, the most common are those that have a wood tone. However, there’s also another option – those that are white. However, you can paint the surface according to your own taste

Containers can also be useful items for decoration.

Woven esparto grass baskets

A large basket.

One of the most interesting types of baskets is the esparto grass basket. It’s characterized by being strong, solid and its texture is rough to the touch.

It isn’t so common for decoration. Rather, people use it for everyday things, such as a storage container or, for example, as a shopping bag, to go to the swimming pool, or to store diapers.

In short, any of these baskets can be a different way of decorating the house, offering a distinguished and alternative image.


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