How to Give a Fresh Touch to Your Bathroom

If you're tired of your bathroom, but don't want a complete renovation, we'll show you how to give it a fresh touch. Add these simple and small changes for a completely new look.
How to Give a Fresh Touch to Your Bathroom

Last update: 25 July, 2021

Giving a fresh touch to your bathroom is easier than you think, all it takes is a little imagination, time, and desire. Your bathroom is one of the rooms in which you can spend a long time without having to modify its decoration.

Being a small room–in comparison to other rooms in your home–it often goes unnoticed, particularly when it comes to giving it a fresh touch. However, we mustn’t neglect this important space in the house.

In this article, we’ll suggest some tips to give a fresh touch to your bathroom with some small changes.

Change the color to give a fresh touch to your bathroom

Terrazzo bathroom.
Terrazzo bathroom /

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a color change on the walls, but it does have to be a color change for decoration. The colors that convey the most freshness are green, blue, and yellow. Light tones such as white or beige provide luminosity. You can combine them to create a refreshing color set.

If you want a more drastic change, go ahead and change the color of the walls. You can even paint a geometric shape with zigzag lines.

Another option is to lay hydraulic tiles. This type of tile is very easy to install and doesn’t require a huge amount of work, in addition, they have many designs in different colors and patterns.

Change the textiles

Bath towels from the pastel range: blue, beige, light yellow.

Textiles can also bring freshness to the bathroom. But how? By changing them for new! Renew your towels for light-colored or pastel ones, or use towels with a pattern.

The shower enclosure should also be changed to give the bathroom a fresh touch. Take advantage of the latest trends such as tropical patterns and choose a striking enclosure. If you want to attract the least attention, choose a light color or one with a pattern that you like.

A rug can also add a touch of freshness. There are the simplest types to the most fun ones, such as those that imitate grass. Remember that a bathroom rug must be functional and slip-resistant.

Add a cart to give a fresh touch to your bathroom

Trolley with shelves for bathroom

If the space in your bathroom is large enough to hold a cart, do it! These trollies or carts are right on trend and are also super functional. They allow for more mobility in your personal grooming and to finish your makeup or styling your hair in another room. This is useful if someone else urgently needs to enter the bathroom.

In addition, their designs are spectacular and there’s something available for all tastes with a large variety of colors and designs. If your bathroom is decorated in light tones, choose a cart in blue or green, or even pink.

If, on the other hand, your bathroom already has color with other elements, you have two options. The first is to choose a cart that goes unnoticed and the second is to choose it in a color that combines with the rest of your elements.


Wicker baskets for the bathroom as storage

This is an aspect that usually causes concern for people revamping their bathrooms. To renew your bathroom and give it a fresh touch, change the type of storage for something that’s more on-trend. For example, use wicker baskets of different sizes.

Wicker, being a natural fiber, brings a lot of freshness, and it’s easy to use in other rooms when you want to change.

Plants add a fresh touch to your bathroom

Bamboo twigs for bathing in a glass vase

What more freshness can you achieve than that transmitted by plants? It may be rare to have plants in the bathroom, but it’s not so rare when the right plants are placed. It’s not about your bathroom looking like a tropical jungle, but it is about introducing a plant that transmits freshness and good vibes.

The plants that are best in the bathroom are cacti, bamboo twigs, or succulents. If you prefer bigger plants and your space allows it, you can opt for a fern.

Air freshener

Smells in moody decor.

To give a fresh touch to your bathroom you must also include a good air freshener. Nowadays there are modern ones that combine up to three fragrances, so that every time you enter the bathroom, there’s a different smell.

The important thing is that you choose a fragrance that teleports you to the beach or the countryside on a summer or spring day. You can change the fragrance from time to time too.


In order not to neglect your bathroom, it’s important to renovate it from time to time. As you can see, it’s easy to give it another look and it doesn’t require a lot of money or time to do so.

Lighting is also a factor that helps to give that touch of freshness to the bathroom. Natural light is always better, but if you don’t have a lot of natural light in the bathroom, opt for white bulbs.

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