Tips for Choosing Towels and How to Care for Them

Although when choosing towels the touch and feel of the material are important, there are other tips you should consider too. Read this guide to choosing towels before you buy.
Tips for Choosing Towels and How to Care for Them

Last update: 02 June, 2021

When we’re going to choose the towels that we need for our homes, it’s easy to let ourselves get carried away by the design. Although this is important, there are other tips for choosing towels to guarantee a good purchase. The first thing you have to do is touch them! Yes, touch allows us to instantly discard the material that we’re not comfortable with.

Explore the tips that we’ve provided below, so there’ll be no room for regrets when it comes to choosing and caring for your towels.

Tips for choosing towels

You’ve already identified (by touch) which towels you like the feel of.  Now, check out these other aspects:

The material

Cotton towels.

This is one of the most important aspects when choosing towels, its softness and quality depend on it. Check the label to verify the components. The best towels are 100 percent cotton. Still, there are other options you can consider:

  • Cotton: there are several types of cotton. Among the most desired is Egyptian cotton, which has a higher quality and absorption capacity. For its part, Turkish cotton is also very good and stands out for the softness it provides.
  • Linen: a natural fiber, that’s breathable and quite resistant. Although it’s not as soft as cotton, it has good absorbency, is delicate, and fast-drying. Of course, make sure your towel is 100 percent linen.
  • Microfiber: there are different types of microfiber, the conventional one is one of the cheapest. The more expensive versions have twisted strands and provide more density and the low-twisted or non-twisted strands are softer.

Tips for choosing towels: grammage or GSM

The grammage has to do with the weight of the towel and it’s completely related to the material. Check the label or ask at the store where you’re buying your towels: the grammage should be at least 450 or 500 grams square meter.


Choose a high level of hydrophilicity.

Hydrophilicity refers to the ability to absorb moisture. When choosing your towels, make sure they have a level of 4 to 5. This factor also determines the ability to transport moisture through the fibers and accelerate drying.

Studies on the behavior of different textiles indicate that to test the hydrophilicity of fabric, a drop of water can be placed on the surface. If it spreads quickly, it indicates that the material is hydrophilic.

Keep in mind that fabric softener isn’t compatible with towels that have a high level of hydrophilicity. Being a type of paraffin, it waterproofs the plush. So here’s another tip: use very little or no fabric softener on your towels.

Tips for choosing towels: chack the measurements

Towels can be purchased individually and in sets that come in different sizes. On the product label, you can see the specific size of each towel. However, here’s a general overview of the different sizes that are available:

  • Bath towels: 100 centimeters x 150/160 centimeters.
  • Shower towels: 70 centimeters x 140 centimeters.
  • Washbasin towels for hands/face: 50 centimeters x 100 centimeters.
  • Washcloth/flannel: 30 centimeters x 50 centimeters.

How to take care of your towels

Tips for caring for towels.

Towels have specifications that make them very delicate, depending on their quality. Therefore, it’s well worth learning how to take care of them so that they last for longer. Here are some laundry tips that’ll help you care for your towels:

  • Wash them separately: don’t wash them with clothes, this avoids wool from other fabrics sticking together.
  • Separate them by color: as you do with household clothes, separate towels by color to avoid staining.
  • Use a small amount of detergent: you don’t need to use too much detergent. Just dissolve a little in the wash and that’s it.
  • Avoid fabric softener: fabric softener alters the qualities of towels and they don’t need it.
  • Take care of the temperature: check the label of your towels for the right washing temperature.

Follow these tips for choosing your towels to avoid mistakes

That’s how easy it is to choose good towels for your home! Our tips include touching them to feel the texture and reviewing their material and composition. Don’t forget to identify the weight, absorbency, and drying qualities, and verify that they’re available in the measurements you need.

Remember that for each member of the family, it’s recommendable to have two sets of towels that can be changed once a week.

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