8 Common Mistakes People Make When Using their Washer

The washer is a domestic appliance we use on an almost daily basis, which is why it's important to know how to use it properly.
8 Common Mistakes People Make When Using their Washer

Last update: 28 January, 2021

In theory, using the washer is really simple. After all, most people use it on a daily basis, often putting on several loads of washing a day. However, almost all of us make these 8 common mistakes without even realizing it. These mistakes can damage your machine long-term, and shorten its working life.

Believe it or not, using your washer correctly will reduce your energy consumption and, in turn, your energy bill. At the same time, you’ll help take some of the strain off your washer, and your clothes will stay in great condition for longer.

Learning to avoid these 8 common mistakes can only benefit both you and your washer. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Mistakes people make when using their washer

1. Overloading the washer

Don't overload your washer.

Though this might seem a little basic, everyone is guilty of putting too many clothes in the washer so that they don’t have to put on another load. Doing everything at once also seems like a good way to save water and energy.

However, this is a big mistake. Your clothes need to be able to move freely inside the drum. Plus, there’ll be no room for the water and detergent to mix evenly with every item.

If you overload your washer, chances are you’ll find that your clothes aren’t coming out all that clean. If that happens, you won’t be saving anything, as you’ll probably have to wash everything again.

2. Not separating clothes

Separate clothes before putting them in the washer.

You should always separate your clothes before putting them in the washer. This will not only help your clothes keep their color for longer, but will also mean your light clothes don’t get ruined by leaking dye.

If you already do this, we also recommend checking the labels on your clothes and putting on different washes according to the temperature recommendations on each one.

3. Forgetting to clean the washer

Make sure to clean your appliances.

Like all domestic appliances, your washer needs to be cleaned to keep it in optimal condition. It goes without saying that the inside of your washer will often be very damp, so you need to leave the door or cover open to allow any water to evaporate.

It’s also a good idea to wash the detergent drawer. After all, any detergent or fabric softener you put in there is going to be mixed with your clothes, so it’s important to keep it clean.

Further mistakes people make when using their washer

1. Not turning clothes inside out

Turn your clothes inside out before putting them in the washer.

Sometimes, out of laziness or absentmindedness, we don’t even think about how we’re putting our clothes in the washer. From now on, we advise you to turn all your clothes inside out beforehand. That way, your clothes are less likely to get damaged, and you’ll be able to keep wearing them for longer.

2. Using too much or too little detergent

Make sure you don't add too much or too little detergent.

Pouring an entire bottle of detergent into your washer won’t make your clothes any cleaner. In fact, this common mistake can actually ruin your clothes, and can even make them look dirty, leaving them with soap stains that the usual rinse cycle isn’t able to get out.

All this will mean you are forced to wash all your clothes again, using up more energy unnecessarily. The same thing will happen if you try to save money by only using a tiny amount of detergent. At the end of the day, you won’t save any money this way either. Your clothes will still be dirty when they come out of the washer, and you’ll just have to wash them again.

Exactly how much detergent you need to use should be specified on the back of the bottle or packet. Make sure you read the label carefully to ensure the best possible wash.

3. Not using mesh laundry bags for underwear and small items

Use mesh laundry bags for underwear and socks.

We’re sure that, like us, you may have wondered whether your washer has been eating your clothes rather than washing them. You put them in, and they simply disappear.

To prevent this, you can buy small mesh laundry bags where you can place underwear and any other small items to prevent them from getting lost in the washer.

4. Not emptying pockets before putting clothes in the washer

Empty your pockets.

Though this might not seem that important, items left in pockets can damage or obstruct the filter. Checking your clothes before you put them in the washer doesn’t cost you anything, and will help keep your machine in good condition for longer.

5. Not dealing with stains before putting clothes in the washer

Remove stains from clothes before putting them in the laundry.

Washers generally do a great job of washing our clothes, but there are some stains that they simply can’t get out. We would recommend using stain-remover on any bad stains before putting your clothes in the washer.

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