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The Home Appliance That's Gaining in Global Popularity: The Dryer

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Around the world, dryers are starting to find a place in many more homes. Dryers are practical, easy and useful for everyday life.
The Home Appliance That's Gaining in Global Popularity: The Dryer
Last update: 14 June, 2019

After throwing our clothes in the washing machine, many of us hang them out to dry on the balcony or deck. But what about in the winter? Do we have to hang them to dry inside? We actually have a very convenient possible solution: the dryer. The dryer is rare in some places but it’s becoming more popular.

Homes in some countries, like the United States, often have a laundry room where one might find a washer and dryer.

Having a dryer might have never crossed your mind, but why not? Many of us aren’t used to having a dryer at home and wouldn’t know how to use it. But a dryer could actually make your life easier and guarantee dry clothes.

How does a dryer work?

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First, you need to separate your clothes by fabric because a dryer will often have specific drying options for different materials. Having a variety of drying options is crucial for keeping your clothes in good condition.

Most dryers are automatic and feature a timer. But if that’s not the case, make sure to keep an eye on the time to prevent any damage or overheating. For example, don’t dry cotton articles in the same cycle as towels because they have different drying times and temperatures.

Like you would a washer, try to fill up your dryer adequately but be careful not to go overboard.

A dryer will help you save time and have your clothes ready when you need them.

Look for a top model

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As we mentioned above, sometimes in the winter, clothes fail to properly air-dry. It’s a slow process that could take hours and hours. So why not turn to a solution that can dry your clothes in no time?

  • Remember to take a look at the different drying programs. Your clothes use different materials so they’ll need different programs for best drying results.
  • A ventilation duct that eliminates condensation or a tank that can be emptied would be a great addition. If your dryer eliminates the water automatically, it’ll save you a lot of cleaning up.
  • And if you have an electric clothes hanger, use it after drying your clothes to quickly, and easily, dry your clothes completely.
  • If possible, look for an energy-efficient seal of approval. It’ll be much more efficient and feature a heat pump and an electronic system.

Which are the best brands on the market?

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Before you make a trip to a home appliance store or browse the internet, make sure you have a clear idea of what all the dryers offer. Knowing what’s available will allow you to find the best products and brands on the market.

  • A great example is the Bosch WTA73200ES dryer. But what’s so good about it? This dryer can hold up to 7 kilos of clothes. It’s an evacuation dryer with a C-grade energy-efficiency rating by EU regulations. It includes a pause and display feature.
  • Another model to consider is the Balay 3SB285B. This dryer boasts interesting features such as a maximum capacity of 8 kilos, an A+++ energy-efficiency rating and an easy-to-use program.
  • Lastly, we want to show you another brand: Siemens WT46G210EE. This dryer has a B-rating, 8-kilo-capacity, electronic control system, and humidity sensor to prevent excessive condensation.

Why should you purchase a dryer?

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There actually isn’t a single pressing reason that should absolutely require you to buy a dryer. But if you’re going to wash clothes regularly and need them dried quickly, it could be a great purchase for you.

Whatever you decide, remember that when buying a home appliance, you should always do your research on the options and basic functions of the product first. You might be surprised at how useful a dryer can be. Stop going back and forth and buy one!