How Can You Be Sure That Your Home Is Healthy?

Would you like to find out if your home is healthy or not? Your own health is linked to your home's health so remember, selecting your home materials and surroundings carefully is important.
How Can You Be Sure That Your Home Is Healthy?

Last update: 16 June, 2019

Believe it or not, your home can get sick and bring you down along the way. Humidity, strong electromagnetic fields, and toxic materials are only some of the possible dangers. To find out if your home is healthy or not, think about how you feel and sleep as well as your mood. Ready to start your home’s checkup?

Bioconstruction and its benefits

healthy home bioconstruction

In today’s world, we make an effort to secure a healthy home by looking for sustainable materials. This means respecting the world around us and scrutinizing how materials are processed.

However, we still lack control over many other aspects. But a bioconstruction expert can conduct a complete survey on your home to find out if it’s healthy or not.

To ensure a healthy home, bioconstruction utilizes non-toxic materials, proper ventilation and isolation to stabilize warm and cool settings.

Bioconstruction experts carry out geobiological studies to understand exactly what kind of ground a home stands on and the possible consequences. These studies locate subsoil alterations, electromagnetic fields that result from cellphone towers, electrical installations, etc.

Healthy homes with healthy materials

healthy home material

We always recommend using non-toxic materials to keep your home clean.

Stone, wood, and clay are some examples that can ensure a healthy setting. You can even find ecological paints that are a great option as well.

Some materials that have become popular over the years are full of radioactivity. Examples include stoneware, plastic or gray cement.

Home problems and reasons behind them

Moisture problems

healthy home moisture

Where there are moisture problems, there is fungus or mold. They release their spores into the air you breathe, harming respiratory systems and bones.


healthy homes toxins

Paints, paint thinners, plastic elements, varnishes, etc. all release pollutants that harm health. They lead to allergies, asthma or bronchitis. If you’re breathing toxins in on a daily basis, you should think about how to improve your situation.

Electric load

healthy home electricity

If your home has excessive levels of static electricity, you’ll know it because you might receive a static shock when touching objects. Aside from the discomfort, too much energy can affect your mood and even quality of sleep.

Electromagnetic fields

healthy home electromagnetic field

Large amounts of electromagnetic energy, which can be caused by wifi waves, can negatively impact the pituitary and pineal gland. These glands regenerate the body’s cells and when they fail to do their job, cells die or cancers can even result.

Make sure your home is healthy

healthy home yes

Many materials make better options for electric installations or drains than PVC. Also, make sure that your wires are safely installed to prevent electromagnetic leaks. Try to avoid installing them above bed headboards.

Once you have your home’s geobiological results you can make changes to reduce the impact of potential dangers.

Undertaking a complete home renovation project is one way of making your home healthy, but we know that it’s not always an option. However, a geobiological survey will give important information about your home’s condition. It’ll also help you find the solutions that are within your reach.

A healthy home might cost more now, but remember that you spend most of your time at home and if it’s harmful to you, shouldn’t investing in safer changes be worth it?

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