How Can You Enjoy Clean Air in Your Home with Plants?

May 19, 2019
Plants decorate your home and purify the air.

There are many different kinds of plants that we can use to decorate our homes. Plants aren’t just beautiful but have health benefits as well as they can produce clean air.

Plants help purify the air in our homes. According to scientific studies, they can absorb elements such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, acetone and many other different kinds of harmful substances in the air. By providing clean air, they can make your home a more pleasant place to live.

Using plants has become incredibly popular because they’re one of the most ecological ways to reduce pollution in our homes.

In today’s post, we’ll show you some plant varieties that have purifying qualities and where to place them strategically in your home.

Plants are the lungs of the planet.

-Heather Godard-Key-

Cornstalk Dracaena

This plant’s most interesting feature is its big trunk. They filter air well and keep your home safe from harmful particles in the air. They’re very strong and need water as well as indirect light.

The Cornstalk Dracaena has beautiful colors. They can grow to be quite large and the bigger they are, the cleaner they’ll leave your air.

These plants are perfect for studies or offices with warmer atmospheres. You can also place them in rooms that you’ve recently painted or remodeled because they absorb contaminants wonderfully.

Maintaining your Cornstalk Cracaena is easy. It’s a warm-climate plant so it likes partial, not direct, sunlight. Make sure you always keep its soil moist.

Cornstalk Dracaena


Ivy is another plant that’s great for purifying the air. In addition, it’s been scientifically proven that ivy absorbs contaminants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene from the air.

Aside from its purifying qualities, it can adorn any space. You can let it flow over the edge of any furniture piece.

As for taking care of ivy, it can live without sunlight and can even survive in poor-ventilated spaces.


Bromeliads are one of the best kinds of plants for filtering air. They’re found in jungles where clean air is scarce. There, these plants filter the air with maximum efficiency. So, they could make for one of the best options to clean your home’s air.

The living room is the best place for these plants because you’ll be able to purify as much air as possible that way. Another advantage of placing them in the living room is that they’ll complement your furniture, walls and wooden floors perfectly thanks to their bold colors. On top of that, they’re not excessively large.

Spath plants

Spath plants for clean air

Spath plants are the number one plant on our list for purifying the air and eliminating 100% of harmful components. Aside from being one of the most ecological plants from an air-purifying perspective, they’re beautiful and easy to take care of.

You can keep them in a warm area that receives direct sunlight. You need to water them when their soil is dry, around once a week.


Ferns provide moisture. Just like the rest of the plants on our list, ferns also remove harmful contaminants from the air. They’re really handy if you live in a newly-built home where the walls have a fresh coat of paint. Ferns also work great in the homes of people with respiratory problems.

However, ferns can’t handle direct sunlight. They need plenty of indirect sunlight and moist soil. So, you have to water them carefully but frequently.

Taliflower plants

Taliflower plants are currently a hot plant in interior design. They add a splash of color and life to rooms.

The best part about Taliflower plants is that they look more like decorative plants instead of air-purifying plants.

Taking care of them isn’t complicated at all. You just need to remember that they need plenty of indirect sunlight. In addition, they need to be watered at least once a week.


These flowers are incredibly beautiful for decor. Their colors vary and they suit any style.

Orchids are a great example of plants that best release oxygen at night. So, they’re great for bedrooms.

As for their care, they just need to be watered once a week. They’re not hard to take care of, especially if you think about how needy other plants can be.

Orchids are perfect for houses that have been recently decorated or reformed because they can absorb the harmful particles that result from the home projects.

Orchids for clean air

As you’ve read with us today, these plants give our homes life –literally.

However, don’t forget that some of them can be harmful if ingested by animals or if you have certain allergies.