Decorate Your Living Room with Minerals

Minerals are an elegant, original and subtle decor. They'll give your living room a refined, gorgeous character.
Decorate Your Living Room with Minerals

Last update: 28 February, 2019

Do you want your living room decor to sparkle and turn heads? We have a wonderful idea for you: decorate your living room with minerals.

Geological science is a fascinating world. Mineralogy can also be applied to interior design and, consequently, decor.

These are resources that we don’t normally see in homes. They can be decorative, offering us a wealth of colors, light and they’ll awaken the curiosity of any onlooker.

Originality and expectation

As we mentioned above, minerals aren’t common home decor accessories. Most people opt for more traditional decor pieces instead of trying something a little more unusual.

minerals 1

They are very original decor pieces that denote an interest in geology. From that perspective, you could say that minerals speak a lot for their owner’s personality and taste in decor.

However, they will inevitably create high expectations once guests step into the room that they decorate. At the end of the day, they’re precious materials that have been used to embellish spaces and people since ancient times.

— Minerals are characterized by light, sparkle and color. —

Elegance and a fine taste

From a decorative point of view, what can minerals offer a setting? Hands down, they offer an appreciation for nature and what it has to share with us. Minerals are precious stones that transmit the following sensations:

  • Elegance: having them is a symbol of refinement and style that differs from other decorative elements.
  • They make onlookers curious: they showcase their owner’s personality, revealing a taste for only the best of interior design.
  • Romanticism: minerals denote a side that’s intrigued and captivated by geology. At the same time, there’s another side that find beauty in the minerals and appreciates their aesthetic value.

Choose the placement of these stones in your living room carefully because they’ll receive a lot of attention from anyone in the room.

minerals 2

Types of minerals, which one should you choose?

Minerals come in a huge variety. Some are brighter, sparkle more or have an intenser color. In light of so many options, follow your instinct and choose your favorite one. Here some options to look over if you need help:

  • Agate: this rock usually has a round shape. It features dark colors and concentric circles, each one with a different color. However, they tend to range between green, turquoise, white or blue.
  • Geode: this mineral has a mini cave-like form. It has small crystals that jut out from its interior as well as a stunning purple color. On the outside, it looks quite basic which makes for a nice contrast.
  • Quartz: quartz comes in all sorts of shapes, each one being completely unique. This mineral can be pointed or geometrical while its color is usually whiteish-yellow.
  • Amethyst: amethyst is a true beauty without equal. It has emerging crystals and a dynamic form. No questions about it, this mineral generates luminosity and sparkle. They give rooms a true sense of luxury and elegance.
  • Fluorite: this mineral is a more standard option; it’s less showy and can be white, purple, blue, green or gray.

As you can see, minerals are diverse. Besides the varieties that we went over today, you can find others as well that’ll work perfectly in any setting.

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What kinds of decor styles will minerals work in?

But what kind of decor style will minerals fit well in? Minerals will work in almost every style. So don’t worry too much about them clashing or working with their surroundings.

Whether you have a classical, minimalist or rustic style, all of them will work for a mineral decor. Your living room will look great with the finesse that it adds.

In any case, avoid overwhelming your room with minerals. Instead, use anywhere between one or three mineral stones to keep the decor balanced.