4 Beautiful Dreamcatchers to Decorate your Bedroom

Dreamcatchers are beautiful, charming and spiritual objects. In this article, we'll tell you about them in more detail, and show you some of the best examples.
4 Beautiful Dreamcatchers to Decorate your Bedroom

Last update: 27 December, 2018

Dreamcatchers are spiritual objects designed to catch bad dreams while you sleep at night, so that in the morning when the sun comes up, the dreams burn and never come true.

People also believe that they can retain good thoughts and dreams to protect children  and help anyone who sleeps in the room. In short, you might say that they “filter” our dreams.

Their origins can be traced back to the Ojibwa people, one of the biggest native American tribes in North America. To them, dreamcatchers are sacred objects, and the way you make them has a special significance.

As a result, many people don-t like the commercial dreamcatchers that have been mass-produced since the seventies. These were essentially meaningless objects, as they were not made or used for the sacred purpose for which they were originally created.

And while it’s true that many stores continue selling dreamcatchers many history and culture lovers have tried to rekindle the importance of using original methods and designs. Thanks to them, you can now find traditionally-made dreamcatchers which retain all their original value and beauty.

How to make dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers catch our bad dreams to prevent them from coming true.

At first glance, you’ll notice that dreamcatchers are made from a ring, in the middle of which is a web of thread or string. Hanging from the ring are decorative threads and feathers. If you attach your dreamcatcher to your headboard, these should hang down next to your head.

The ring is traditionally made from willow, a tree sacred to the Native Americans. To them, the willow symbolizes the cycle of life.

We should also point out that the wood of the willow tree is really flexible, making it really easy to use to create different objects. As for the thread inside the ring, these are usually made from other plant fibers.

4 dreamcatchers for your decor

Traditional dreamcatchers are circular. This shape represents the movement of the sun and the moon in the celestial sphere. So, if you want to have a truly authentic dreamcatcher in your home, choose a circular one. You might also want to ask the seller about the materials, to make sure that they’re from ethical sources.

Next, we’ll show you 4 different dreamcatchers you could use to decorate your bedroom.

Remember, as far as the location is concerned, you should ideally place it on the headboard of your bed, as this is where it will work best. You can put them

  • Behind the bedroom door
  • Above the nightstand
  • Near the bedroom window

Model 1

Traditional dreamcatchers look great in Bohemian-style rooms.

This first model is one of the most traditional, so it has a pretty rustic feel to it. This type of dreamcatcher is therefore perfect for rooms with Bohemian-style decor.

Model 2

Pastel-colored dreamcatchers are really delicate and elegant.

Smaller in size and made up of lots of different ribbons with additional adornments along the arrow-shaped hanger, this delicate pastel-colored dreamcatcher will look beautiful and elegant hanging above your nightstand. If you like understated decor, this magical dreamcatcher is perfect for you.

Model 3

Crescent moon dreamcatchers are some of the most popular designs.

Although they aren’t completely circular in shape, the rest of the design remains the same, giving them a truly magical look. This is why crescent moon dreamcatchers are some of the most popular at the moment. You could place a single moon dreamcatcher on the headboard of your bed, or even hang several of them to create the phases of the moon…

You can even use dreamcatchers to create a representation of the phases of the moon.

Model 4

This is more than simply a type of dreamcatcher; this is a different way of incorporating them into your decor. Place four, six or more dreamcatchers of the same color side-by-side along your headboard (or even two colors if you want to create contrast).

Although they should all have the same shape, it’s important to vary the size of your dreamcatchers, so that they don’t look boring and monotonous. To create a slightly curved line, some people hang their dreamcatchers from a tree branch instead of hanging them directly on the wall.

Decorating with meaning

Remember, these objects are more than just beautiful decorative items; it’s important to think about their original purpose and meaning. That way, you’ll show your respect for their rich history and culture.