Linen Bed Sheets for the Perfect Spring Decor

With the arrival of the warmer weather comes the need to swop our warm winter blankets for something a little cooler. Light and breathable, linen bed sheets are undoubtedly one of the best options. So, today, we want to tell you about the latest trends in linen bedding.
Linen Bed Sheets for the Perfect Spring Decor

Last update: 27 February, 2020

Little by little, winter slowly seems to be coming to an end. The freezing temperatures and bad weather are gradually being replaced by warm sunshine and brighter evenings. Needless to say, you’ll need to make some changes in and around the house to adapt to the new season.

You probably no longer need all those thick comforters and cozy blankets on your bed at night. Instead, it’s time to break out your new linen bed sheets.

Linen bed sheets never go out of style. Year after year, they remain one of the most popular choices for spring bedding. With all the many benefits they have to offer, this isn’t really all that surprising. If you still haven’t bought linen bed sheets for your home, here you’ll find all the reasons why it should be at the top of your shopping list.

Plus, we’ll also show you some of the new bedding trends for this spring. While linen is nothing new, it’s constantly evolving, with new designs appearing every season.

Linen bed sheets – light and breathable

Linen is a light and breathable material.

Hot weather can make it almost impossible to sleep comfortably in bed at night. It’s a real dilemma – you still want something to cover you, but your comforter is too warm. This is where linen bed sheets come into play. They’re undoubtedly one of the lightest options you’ll find on the market.

They’re also extremely hard-wearing, and rarely fade or get worn out over time. At the same time, they’ll also help keep you warm, protecting you against drafts and chills. If they’re still not quite warm enough, you also have the option of buying linen covers and placing a light blanket inside.

All this means that linen bed sheets are perfect for springtime when the weather is warmer, but temperatures still fall considerably at night.

Wrinkles are beautiful

Pastel pink linen bed sheets.

Perhaps the main reason why some people tend to avoid linen bedding is because of how easily it can get creased and wrinkled.

Just how wrinkled the fabric will get depends on its composition. If it’s 100% natural, it will crease more easily. On the other hand, a mixture of polyester and linen will generally wrinkle less.

But creases don’t have to be a bad thing. Depending on the effect you want to create and the decorative style you’ve chosen for your bedroom, these wrinkles can create a really interesting look. For example, they work really well in industrial-style bedrooms, giving them that perfect finishing touch.

While linen has a naturally warm and inviting feel to it, it can also help to give rooms a more casual vibe. This is something it has in common with silk sheets.

The advantages of linen bed sheets

The advantages of linen bed sheets.

But the advantages of linen bed sheets actually go far beyond aesthetics. You can’t help but get a good night’s sleep when you’re lying between soft linen sheets. This is because linen allows the air to flow through it freely, preventing you from overheating during hot weather.

What’s more, linen actually has antibacterial properties, helping to prevent mites and bacteria from colonizing. It also has the ability to absorb moisture. While this is an important advantage, it does mean that you have to wash linen sheets more often than you generally would other types of fabric.

Bright colors

Bright colors for spring bedding.

This spring season is all about fun, casual and cheerful colors. Brightly colored linen bed sheets are the perfect way to breathe life and energy into your bedroom decor.

Among all the many colors we have to choose from, coral is one of our favorites. Named Color of the Year 2019 by the Pantone Institute, it has since become a permanent fixture in both fashion and interior decor. This beautiful color works perfectly with whites and grays.

Another option is to create your own unique combinations, choosing different shades for your sheets and your pillows. Be bold, and create an original look that stands out from the crowd.

It’s always best to change your bedsheets to match the new season. Not only is linen on-trend – it’s also ideal for both spring and summer.

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