Tips to Help You Tidy Your Bathroom

Tidying up the bathroom may not seem the most exciting idea, but the results can be instant. Try out these tips to tidy your bathroom and make it the room that you always wanted!
Tips to Help You Tidy Your Bathroom

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The bathroom is usually one of the most forgotten areas of the house. We use it a lot, but we don’t invest too much time keeping it looking nice. That’s why it’s also usually one of the least organized places there is – we usually keep so many things in it! In the following article, we’ll give you some tips to tidy up your bathroom and keep it in good condition.

Tips to tidy your bathroom

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small or large, or if you use it yourself, or have to share it. There are thousands of ways to tidy up the bathroom and make it sparkling and clean!

1. Put in drawers

Some drawers.
Chest of drawers /

You’ll probably want to avoid filling your bathroom with large items of furniture (especially if it’s not too big). However, drawers can be a great solution and can help you to store all the things you use regularly.

You can divide them up with shelves or decide what to put in each compartment: towels, soaps, creams, make-up, toilet paper, etc. It’s better if you have one that includes doors so that you don’t have to see all those objects that you probably haven’t sorted out properly yet!

2. Put shelves over the toilet

A small bathroom.

The wall above the toilet isn’t usually used too much. But if you choose to make use of it, then we recommend that you put up some shelves where you can put your everyday things, such as towels or toilet paper.

Also, the shelves can be used to put candles or incense on. Another decorative option is to use glass jars to keep cotton buds or cotton wool in.

3. Place a shelf above the door

Towel shelf.
Towel rack /

There are things that we need in the bathroom but that we don’t use all the time. If you only have a small area to play with, then you’ll have to take advantage of every square inch, especially on the walls. Some people choose to put a shelf above the door for towels, shampoo refills, or other things you don’t have to use every day.

4. Use plastic baskets

Plastic baskets.
Plastic baskets /

It’s easy to get some nice plastic baskets with handles – these are perfect for tidying up the bathroom. There are different ways to make use of them. For example, put a bar inside the bathtub and hang the baskets there to keep shampoo, conditioner, soap, sponge, exfoliants, etc.

Another alternative is to use them inside the drawers or units, to keep everything nice and tidy. We recommend putting related items in each basket. For example, the first aid kit in one, sanitary towels in another, and odd items and soaps in a third. Organize it in the best way for you.

5. Opt for units with wheels to organize the bathroom

Bathroom trolley.

If your bathroom is big, then you can use trolleys with wheels to place your hygiene products in and keep them on hand. The good thing about this option is that you can move them around when you have to clean or according to your needs (for example, to move them closer to the bathtub when you take a shower).

6. Recycle glass jars

Some glass jars.

Glass containers are often thrown away because we can’t think of any way to use them. A bathroom is an ideal place for them because glass is a material that isn’t affected by the humidity that’s typical of this environment.

One of the most common uses for glass jars is for organizing toothbrushes, cotton wool, cotton wool buds, or make-up brushes.

Besides being very useful, they can also be used as decorative items if you add some satin ribbons to them for example, or paint them with waterproof paint.

7. Roll up your towels!

Rolled towels.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese woman who is revolutionizing the way we organize and tidy our homes. One of her favorite tips is to roll up towels.

Just fold the towels in half twice, and then roll them up. We recommend that you place them vertically inside a container or basket and then inside a bathroom unit or on a shelf. In this way, it will be easier to take the one you need without disturbing the rest.

And what about the idea of using one of the walls, or a pillar in your bathroom to put the towels on? It’s an original option, and, at the same time, it will help you to keep your bathroom nice and tidy.

All you need is a vertical area that you can add shelves to and place the towels on it. If you follow the KonMari method, then you’ll keep your bathroom tidier.

As you can see, tidying up the bathroom is neither too complicated nor too expensive. You just need a little time to get it right and then keep it that way. Once you can see it looking nice and organized, then it’ll be harder to mess it up again! Remember the time and effort it took you to make it perfect!

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