Great Tips to Organize Your Bathroom Well

In this article, you'll learn how to organize your bathroom well - the room in our houses which is typically very small with so much to fit in it.
Great Tips to Organize Your Bathroom Well

Last update: 28 January, 2021

There are so many things that we store in a bathroom, some out of necessity and others out of pure taste. So, we should think properly about how to place and distribute them all. It’s time to learn how to organize your bathroom well!

Fortunately, to achieve this we have an almost infinite range of cupboards, sinks, shelves, drawers, and baskets to organize this room of the house.

It’s very important to adapt to the space available. You need to take advantage of every corner and every part of the room. You’ll need to choose all your organizers well, following your taste so that they too become part of the decoration.

Types of cabinets to organize your bathroom well

To enjoy a tidy environment, you’ll need to take into account the number of items you need in the different cabinets, as well as their features and the space available for them.

Towels, combs, hairdryers, cosmetics… There are many different items that you’ll need to keep in the bathroom. This is especially so in the case of bathrooms shared by people with very different needs. In this case, cabinets are a very effective solution that will help you to separate the areas individually and accommodate all the contents.


Bathroom drawers.

Without a doubt, the sink cabinet is the option that allows the best use of the space, although it’s also possible just to use some simple shelves to organize the space well.

Open units are especially suitable for small rooms, as they have a visually calming effect.

You can also have a combination of closing doors on some of the cabinets and the rest with open shelves. These are only suitable for worktops of a certain length though.

In this way, you can retain the advantages of closable doors, which are much more practical for storing towels, for example, without spoiling the visually pleasing effect created by the open areas.

Aesthetic finish

Colors for the bathroom.

You must take into account that the finish of the sink cabinet will set the style for the whole area around it. For that reason, you’ll need to combine it with the rest of the decor. A good option is to use wood or combine several materials, such as steel and glass, which give very aesthetically pleasing results.

A wooden bathroom unit.

The new trends in bathroom furniture focus on light and minimalist designs. The most important concept is to achieve an orderly, neat storage system, while, at the same time, making sure it looks as spacious as possible.

Among the most novel ideas are hanging units, with straight, refined lines, made from wood such as teak and iroko. Another very aesthetic idea is to use models lacquered in white or with glass fronts.

Alternatives to traditional units

A shower.

Let’s look at five very useful and sensible ways of organizing storage in our bathroom.

  • Drawers. Units with drawers are very practical for storing small objects. To organize and make the most of the space, as well as making sure that the contents are completely visible, we recommend that you use drawers with dividers.
  • Shelves. Open shelves are an ideal solution to give more space to small rooms. Corner units are very common, as they’re aesthetically pleasing, and allow you to have the items you use daily, like sprays, perfumes, and cosmetics, within easy reach.
  • Small gaps. There’s a tendency to take advantage of even the smallest gaps, such as those that are usually left between the shower and the wall. In these places, you can place small shelves for shampoos, creams, gels, etc. We advise you to use glass or steel shelves because they’ll have direct contact with water.
  • Trolleys and units with wheels. These are the easiest and most conventional solutions because they’re easy to move. They can be used to store clothes, soap, toilet paper, etc. They can be made of all kinds of materials (wicker or canvas for example), and they can also be compartmentalized.
  • Fabric bags. These are very practical, as they can be placed in any corner of the bathroom. Some of them have pockets that can allow you to see the contents.

As you can see, bathrooms require good storage to make the most of the space. Are you ready to organize your bathroom now?