Bathroom Sinks - Another Decoration Formula

There are lots of different types of sinks you can use to make your bathroom look completely original.
Bathroom Sinks - Another Decoration Formula

Last update: 09 October, 2019

In the decoration world, people tend to use the same materials for the various rooms in their home. In both the bathroom and kitchen, people generally use porcelain or stainless steel. But there are also lots of other possibilities when it comes to materials, especially with bathroom sinks. 

We wanted to focus on the idea of changing trends and finding new decorative possibilities. If you limit yourself to always using the same schemes and outlines, you’ll never manage to create a new aesthetic or change the overall decorative feel of a room.

Bathroom sinks – a lot of history

Historically, bathroom sinks were only installed in the homes of the aristocracy. In other words, this is a feature that began as something only for the upper class. It has also been a distinctive symbol in the interior decoration world.

There are actually still people who don’t have sinks in their bathrooms. But that’s changing more and more, and with that, lots of new styles are becoming available. Why exactly is this all happening? For one thing, a bathroom sink can be original, eye-catching, and bring a completely innovative aesthetic to the room.

In general, sinks will be installed directly into the countertop or whatever furniture yours is part of. That’s especially common in kitchens, but there’s also another trend too. That trend is to make the sink stand out and be freestanding. 

Nothing goes out of fashion forever. Sometimes, things come back with a force.

Types of bathroom sink – another decoration formula

There are lots of different types of  bathroom sinks. They can work for all different kinds of styles, too. If your home has a concrete aesthetic, don’t worry, because there will definitely be a sink that goes perfectly with your decor scheme.

  • The most common is the one that comes in the form of a bowl. In this case, the base is relatively small, and it gets wider and wider towards the top. You’ll see this type most often in small bathrooms.
  • Then there’s the cylinder. This type is just as wide at the base as it is at the top. These sinks are much simpler than others, with a nice, geometrical shape. This means they go wonderfully in minimalist homes.
  • Oval-shaped sinks are one of our favorites. There are also multiple subtypes within this variation. However, it’s not as common in decoration because people tend to prefer a sense of simplicity and symmetry in their shapes.
  • You can’t forget about rectangular sinks, either. Right angles have a really powerful look and make for super original design schemes. The horizontal, minimalist essence of this kind of sink is a strong decorative statement.
  • The least common type is shaped like a plate. These aren’t very deep, and may not be as visually appealing as the other types. 

You can’t go wrong with transparency

Transparent bathroom sinks are always gorgeous.

Transparent bathroom sinks are extremely popular in modern interior design. They’re especially common in homes with a contemporary decor scheme and ones that have a young, playful aesthetic.

In most cases, the transparent material people use is glassIt doesn’t necessarily have to be fully transparent, and you can use a type with a green-bluish touch, too. This makes for a very interesting aesthetic, and one that’s becoming more and more common in modern homes.

Of course, these come in lots of different formats and designs. This gives you a chance to find one that’s truly innovative and original.

Transparent bathroom sinks are the most original type you’ll find nowadays.

The rustic style – true originality

Something you no longer use doesn’t have to go into the trash. One example of that is an antique cooking pan. Can you really use that kind of thing as a sink, though? The answer is yes! They have the perfect shape for this purpose. Just make sure you use something small because large pans would be out of proportion. 

Another great option is to have a wooden sink in your bathroom. You’ll simply have to seal it well and use a special water-repellant varnish to make sure it doesn’t wear away with all the hand-washing.

So, now that you’ve learned more about bathroom sinks, what type do you think will go best in your home? Choose a shape and material that suit you, and make your bathroom a gorgeous, unique space!

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