The 2020 IKEA Catalog - What Trends Will We See?

These are only a handful of the new products from the 2020 IKEA. You'll love them!
The 2020 IKEA Catalog - What Trends Will We See?

Last update: 17 September, 2019

Every year brings a new wave of excitement to see what the Swedish furniture icon has in store to inspire decor. Let’s take a look at the 2020 IKEA catalog to see upcoming trends.

Next year you’ll see classic, practical solutions full of creative and artistic designs and colors that offer you something more conceptual.

Grab a pen and some paper because the 2020 IKEA catalog is going to dictate how you decorate your house next year. Make sure you’re prepared.


For 2020, IKEA offers an intense color palette that includes pinks, purples, reds and dark blues or greens to highlight furniture pieces, accessories, and even walls.

Natural materials

2020 Ikea catalog natural materials

As natural fibers seem to be making a permanent place for themselves in home decor, they’re included in the 2020 IKEA catalog. They are especially prominent in bedroom decor.

Light fixtures and baskets are one of the main creative decor solutions you’ll find in the catalog. Here at DecorTips, we love the wicker stool, which is perfect for creating a reading or sunbathing corner filled with plants.

But if we had to pick a decor solution that really caught our eye, it’d have to be the LUBBAN wicker trolley tables with wheels. In the catalog, the table is shown as a nightstand but that’s only one of the many uses you can give it.

In the natural line, you’ll also find the RÖMSKOG drawer set. These drawers are perfect for the space under beds and are made with braided rattan. They’re perfect for storing blankets or out-of-season clothes thanks to their cotton lining.

2020 IKEA catalog – sustainable design

2020 Ikea catalog sustainable

Fortunately more and more companies are creating furniture and accessories that respect the environment. A great example from the catalog is the ODGER chairs. These chairs use renewable wood and recycled plastic.

100% versatility

2020 ikea catalog versatility

IKEA always guarantees 100% practical and versatile products. This year, they’ve unveiled their HOLMSUND corner sofa-bed in their catalog. Aside from transforming into a comfortable bed, it holds additional storage space below. Just brilliant!


ELVARLI system /

If you’re short on space, the PLATSA line is perfect for you. It can offer open drawers, a high headboard that has storage space as well as great aesthetics.

ELVARLI is one of the best pieces from this line. It’s perfect for dividing areas to create two separate areas while providing storage space at the same time. We love it because it lets light through, keeping spaces from being too dark or looking too cramped.

2020 IKEA catalog – a little bit of everything

2020 IKEA catalog everything

Innovation is an obvious ingredient in the 2020 IKEA catalog. Trust us, you’ll love the products and ideas. One that’ll steal your heart is the SYMFONISK lamp, which is made with artisan glass and also has a feature that connects to a wifi speaker. Thus, enjoy light and sound with this singular piece.

The GRADVID vase is another example that’s made with earthenware and tinted varnish. We love it because it can make a great flower vase or you can simply leave it as it is.

The UPPVAKTA pot is another one of our favorites because it’s delightfully simple in shape and materials. Make sure your home is full of plants to ensure a flow of positive energy.

Or, NYMÖ is a pink metal lampshade. Can you imagine how beautiful your lights will be with it? It’s a great accessory to have for industrial settings.

The 2020 IKEA catalog is full of color, environmentally-friendly materials as well as creativity and technology. You can transform your home with little details or switch it up entirely in the blink of an eye.