How To Create A Contemporary Bathroom

If you're planning on building or renovating your bathroom, you're in luck! Today, we're going to be taking a look at the materials, accessories and decorative elements you'll need to create a contemporary bathroom. With the right decor, you can create a luxurious space that will never go out of style.
How To Create A Contemporary Bathroom

Last update: 23 February, 2020

The keys to creating a contemporary bathroom are light and space. These are two elements that aren’t always readily available when it comes to modern bathrooms. Your interior decor must compensate for any key aspects that might be missing.

The contemporary style demands an aesthetic that projects a feeling of openness, space, order, and tidiness. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom or even building your own house, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a classic and modern bathroom that will look chic and stylish year after year.

In addition to aesthetics, bathrooms are highly functional spaces. Beautiful and practical, the contemporary style is ideal for this kind of environment. In this article, we’ll discuss the materials, colors, lighting, and accessories you’ll need to create the perfect contemporary bathroom.

A matter of space

Marble bathrooms.

When it comes to tackling a bathroom renovation, the most important thing to think about is the space you’ve got to work with. If you have plenty of space, we would recommend dividing the sink, toilet, and shower or bath space into separate areas.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have enough space to divide the room into different sections, it’s important to plan out your interior carefully to give the appearance of spaciousness, without losing any of the room’s functionality.

In both cases, lighting will be essential for giving your bathroom that spacious feel. You’ll need to ensure that your lighting mimics the feel of natural light and that there’s plenty of it. Dim bathroom lighting can visually reduce the amount of space, so make sure to light up every last corner.

Reflecting the light

Bathroom lighting.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to maximize light in any room. When it comes to designing and decorating a contemporary bathroom, mirrors are an absolute must. They typically feature large or floor-to-ceiling mirrors that are dispersed throughout the entire room.

We particularly like mirrored furniture for these types of bathrooms. They help to reflect the light around the lower half of the room, which is often where it’s needed most.

To make sure the additional light you’ve created isn’t muted or diminished, you’ll need to take special care when choosing the materials for your walls and floors. These are some of the most essential aspects to keep in mind when designing contemporary bathrooms.

Creating a contemporary bathroom – materials

Creating a contemporary bathroom.

This is probably the most expensive part of any bathroom renovation or construction. Regardless of your budget, it’s important to remember that this is a long term investment, and any decisions you make should be thought through carefully.

As you’re decorating a contemporary bathroom, you’ll need to choose light furnishings and materials wherever possible. Light tones, resistant materials, and surfaces that reflect the light are all important things to look out for when choosing your bathroom fittings.

If your bathroom isn’t all that big, it’s best to use the same material (or at least the same color) for both floors and walls. Natural stone is always a great choice in contemporary bathrooms, but we particularly love marble. It never goes out of style and is currently more popular than ever in the world of interior design.

Creating a contemporary bathroom – give the decor warmth 

Mirrors can help to maximize light.

A contemporary bathroom doesn’t have to be synonymous with coldness. The neutral feel of the materials, colors, and lighting can be softened with the right textiles and decorative elements.

Don’t forget that the bathroom is the place where many of us start our morning routines and a room where you can lie back and relax at the end of a hard day.

It’s important to create an environment where you can feel completely at peace. Light, glossy floors can be covered with fluffy carpets, choosing neutral tones that provide a sense of warmth. Similarly, it’s nice to reserve a space where you can hang large, cozy towels in full view, as well as plenty of additional storage space.

Natural plants make the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom. Unfortunately, they will require natural light, as well as additional space.

If your bathroom has windows, you can add a few large plants to help bring your decor to life. If not, why not hang a painting or sculpture to create an original and eye-catching feature for your room?