Esparto Rugs: A Natural Product

Home decoration is enriched through products we use, such as the esparto rug. This provides an artisan touch to the whole, naturalizes the environment and offers resistance and durability.
Esparto Rugs: A Natural Product

Last update: 13 June, 2021

The choices surrounding our decorative resources should be governed by personal taste. We’ve got the option of choosing those items that stand out for their own essence and uniqueness. Therefore, we’re going to find out about esparto rugs.

Nowadays, we usually go to stores to buy items that, after all, demonstrate an industrial manufacturing process. Normally, we don’t attach so much importance to the world of crafts. However, today, we want to reverse this situation.

Choosing an alternative and dynamic decoration can help us to generate a more distinguished environment. Instead of falling into the more conventional stereotypes or choosing those advertised on television, there are other possibilities at our fingertips.

What’s esparto?

Esparto rugs: a natural product

It’s highly probable that we all own an element made with this material; however, we may not know its nature and origin. These fibers are obtained from wild plants that, for the most part, belong to the group of grasses. That’s to say, herbaceous species that develop well in Mediterranean climates.

The fibers are joined and intertwined to form a complex and resistant fabric. All kinds of items can be made from esparto, including ropes, bracelets, dream catchers, slippers, and chairs. In this sense, we can consider it a very interesting decor component.

Its warm, toasted tone is pleasant. This factor is important since it’ll combine with other resources of a different appearance. In this way, we define the aesthetics of interiors with personality.

Three types of esparto rugs

When talking about esparto rugs, we must pay attention to the different existing formats. Obviously, it’ll be according to the personal criteria of the craftsman who makes the product, so we can find different variants. It’s just a matter of finding the one we like the most. Let’s see some examples:

  • First of all, we must point out the relevance of the rectangular rug, being the most common and having a fairly wide route within the home. It can be arranged in the living room, bedroom, or dining room. It’s versatile and doesn’t stand out too much.
  • Another case is the circular rug. It can be opaque and closed or have some internal geometric shapes with gaps in between. In this way, it creates a more striking and dynamic design, something to favor the space and contribute positively to the room.
  • There’s also the possibility of finding rugs with identifying designs. We mustn’t forget that they’re natural fibers, which make it easier for us to make them. For this reason, it’s not surprising that figurative, linear, curved, and letter representations are found.

Differences between esparto and other rugs

Esparto rugs: a natural product

One issue to take into account is the contrast that can be established with other rugs. Of course, esparto has nothing to do with linen or polyester. As we mentioned earlier, esparto stands out from synthetic products.

The texture is completely different. It’s rough, taut, and striated. In other words, a resistant and firm material that provides toughness; an essential, durable quality to benefit over time.

Generally, these rugs are arranged as per their natural appearance. However, they can also be dyed, but this is unusual. Perhaps one of its peculiarities is that it can be displayed as it is!

The aesthetic function of esparto rugs in interiors

The contribution you make at home is significant. Wherever it’s located, your esparto rug will stand out on its own, capable of providing a bohemian and artisanal touch. At heart, it’s an appropriate concept for country houses, boho-chic style, or rustic spaces.

The presence it has must complement other resources in the same orbit. In other words, if we want to work on an aesthetic concept that’s based on ecology and nature, there should be other elements with similar characteristics.

In short, this type of rug enriches home decor. There’s no doubt that its participation is very interesting.

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