Make Your Blue Couch Shine At Any Time of the Year!

If you want your blue couch to shine in the living room, you need to add decorative elements that make its color, design, and texture stand out. Keep reading to find out how!
Make Your Blue Couch Shine At Any Time of the Year!

Last update: 03 September, 2019

Making an eye-catching piece of decor like a blue couch truly shine can be a big challenge. It’s especially hard if you’re stuck on the idea that you have to have decorative elements in the same color, or other cold tones, or in other shades of blue.

It’s not that you should never use blue with a blue couch, it’s just that there are much bolder, more interesting, and eye-catching options out there. They’ll make your decoration look much more up-to-date by using lots of color contrasts.

On the one hand, you need to factor in the characteristics of the room and the rest of the decoration. On the other, you also need to consider the specific shade of blue of the couch.

What does blue convey?

Blue brings you into a state of calmness and relaxation and gives off a sense of freshness. This is largely just because of the strong link between the color blue and water. Depending on the shade, it can make a space look more dynamic, vibrant, elegant, inviting, and all kinds of other things.

But be careful: darker shades of blue can make a room feel too flat, serious, harsh, conservative, or even boring. Our recommendation is to stick to the lighter shades.

Having a blue couch doesn’t mean you have to use only blue

You should look for color contrasts that work with your specific shade of blue. The goal is to create a sense of harmony with your palette.

Not so long ago, it was common to see decorations centered around a single colorThe goal of doing that was to create a sense of continuity and uniformity. But people started to realize that it’s not always the best way to achieve a successful decor scheme.

Rather than creating harmony, using the same color for all (or most) of your decorations will just make a room look flat and dull.

Nowadays, there’s a clearer sense that having an eye-catching centerpiece like a blue couch doesn’t mean you have to copy that blue in the rest of the room. 

There are some ways to make the same blue work, but it’s more important to use other colors to get the couch to truly stand out by contrast. This is especially vital if you want your blue couch to be the crown jewel of your living room decor.

Great combinations

There’s a simple, golden rule if you want to achieve a wonderful effect with your color schemechoose only three and divide them up.

The dominant color should take up 60% of the decor; the secondary color should take up 30%; lastly, the third color should take up just 10%.

If you want blue to be the third color, you should use it for smaller details and accessories. On the other hand, if you want it to have a bigger presence, you can splash it all over the room as your dominant color. Here are some specific ideas on how to make your blue couch shine.

If the couch is dark blue, your accessories should be:

If the couch is light blue, your accessories should be:

  • Yellow and white.
  • Gold and cream.
  • Lead gray and marble.
  • Lilac and dark purple.
  • “Chocolate” brown and beige.
  • Patterns in earth tones.

If your couch is turquoise, you should add accessories in pastel colors, along with one dark color. For example: 

  • Brown and beige.
  • Navy blue and cream.
  • Tan and pale pink.
  • Patterns in orange and others in earth tones.

Don’t be afraid to be non-traditional

One of the most common things to use as a centerpiece in interior design, especially for living rooms, is a couchIt automatically gives off a sense of comfort, along with a lot of complexity, with tons of characteristics from color to texture.

Keep in mind that a color by itself usually isn’t enough to “dress” a room. You need to factor in textures, reliefs, and other (small) details to make the overall scheme interesting, layered, and above all, harmonious.

So, if you want your blue couch, or even a couch in any other color, to stand out, then take your style out of your comfort zone, and try to avoid adding accessories in the same exact color.

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