The Bathroom: Transform It into a Relaxing Haven

If you want to add some details to your bathroom and transform it into a space for complete relaxation, we have some great ideas for you.
The Bathroom: Transform It into a Relaxing Haven

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Our bathrooms are usually a quick-stop area where we freshen up and get ready to face another day or where we take a nice bath to relax at night. But you can transform it to create a new space, converting it into your relax area before or after a long day of work. You can use accessories, furniture, scents, and the right decor in your bathroom to create a relaxing haven.

Enjoying some alone time to relax and disconnect is really a must.

So, we’d like to show you some ideas and ways to use colors, textures, aromas and other elements to make your bathroom your favorite room in your home.

Use light colors in your relaxing haven

Light colors always work well in any room. However, bathrooms especially benefit from light tones for ceilings, walls, and cabinets. Additionally, they help you see grime and dirt, making the room easier to clean.

Add textures and natural elements

Add natural elements to your bathroom to enhance the sensation of comfort and relaxation. Here are some accessories that we recommend for your bathroom.

Green plants

Beautiful pots with leafy, green houseplants will bring in plenty of life and color into your bathroom. If you want to take a bath in your tub, being surrounded by natural elements will help you rest. Try to look for tropical plants or varieties that require a lot of humidity as they’ll be better suited to the setting and grow better.

Add decorative stones and bamboo

The combination of bamboo canes, stones in different sizes and a pop of color in the corner is a truly beautiful decor element. Additionally, they’re all elements that withstand humidity well. You can also use bamboo canes and stones to section off an area in your bathroom.

Wooden bathtub tray

If you like to take long, relaxing baths, an original and very practical idea is using a rustic wooden tray on an end of your bathtub. You could use it to hold your toiletries and even a book if you want to enjoy a good read in your relaxing haven.

Decorative and functional objects

For the utmost level of comfort, you’ll need certain functional elements that decorate your bathroom and help create a relaxing haven.

Rugs are fundamental

In bathrooms, rugs are really essential for keeping the floor dry. However, if you choose a good rug with the right kind of fabric, it can also keep you comfortable as you step out of your bathtub. Use light-colored, fluffy rugs that are the right size for your bathroom.

Decorative ladder

Decorative ladders are very popular for all parts of the home these days. They’re great for storing and hanging elements or even just for decor. Try setting up a wooden ladder next to your bathtub and hanging towels on it.

Tie it all together with other relaxing accessories

When set out correctly, both decorative and functional elements can help create your relaxing haven. Additionally, to tie it all together, we recommend using the items below.

Essential oils, salts and bath bubbles

You can use essential oils, aromatic bath salts and bubbles to fill your moments of relaxation with fresh, natural aromas. Use them in air-diffusers or little clay jars.

bathroom relax 2

Aromatic candles

If you want to wind down at night, using different sized aromatic candles in and around your bathtub could create a romantic, warm setting for your quiet time. You could finally enjoy your long-awaited bath by candlelight.

Music is fundamental

Setting the mood with relaxing music or sounds of nature, for example, can help you relax both mentally and physically. If you have a wireless speaker or one that can be used in a bathroom, try taking a bath to the sounds of nature or your favorite songs.

All of the elements in our post are fundamental for transforming your bathroom into a perfect relaxing haven. The majority on our list aren’t costly and you might already have them. Try transforming your bathroom and enjoy a spa day at home.