Using Barrels in Decor

A barrel is a decor element that's pretty uncommon in homes; why not try them out as another piece of furniture? Barrels can serve diverse purposes and help decorate your rooms.
Using Barrels in Decor

Last update: 20 December, 2018

Barrels are a common find in restaurants or commercial spaces. While incorporating a barrel into home decor might be a little tricky, it all boils down to knowing how to match all your home elements. So, don’t discard barrels for your home decor.

What kind of decor styles could work with barrels? Can you use them in any room? To answer these questions, we first need to establish a sense of  aesthetics.

Barrels aren’t a normal decor piece for homes and can only work in a specific way. Finding a good balance between furniture isn’t easy, so we need to take our time and analyze everything that’s in a space.

Barrels, an uncommon decor option

Barrel uncommon

The purpose that barrels serve has changed over the years. Generally speaking, they’re used for storage purposes. We use them to store products and transport them from one place to another. These days, you can find them easily online.

However, today, we see barrels a little differently. They can work for decoration or as a table; you could say that barrels have different uses.

We most often see them in bars, wine cellars, and restaurants. They’re ultimately used as tables, creating a more informal atmosphere with an alternative aesthetic.

At home, you can use barrels for decoration.

Using barrels for decor

If you’re thinking about using barrels in your home decor, we need to first understand that they don’t work in just any room. So, you need to be careful of how you try to fit in a barrel with the rest of a room’s decor.

Barrel table /
  • Rustic style: in a rustic style, matching a barrel with the rest of the decor is easy. The wood works perfectly here. Whether you’re decorating a living room, kitchen or backyard, a barrel can work as a table and bring in a casual feel.
  • Minimalism: barrels have a linear shape that showcases their curve. In a minimalist style, they can work as a decor accessory. We suggest painting the barrel in a color that matches your room, toning down its presence.
  • Urban or jazz club style: a barrel will undoubtedly make your home a more original space with a stronger urban feel and will be a nice addition to either of the styles.
  • Styles that barrels won’t work with: classical, baroque, antique, gallant, vanguard, pop, etc.

Analyze the type of decor that you want to use carefully, then you’ll be able to see if a barrel can match or not.-

Treating barrels

Depending on what style you’re working with, you might have to treat your barrel with special products and decorate it as well. Pay special attention to the aesthetics; a barrel decorated in any old way won’t look good.

  • Sanding process: you have to eliminate any traces of grime, splinters and other possible problems that are on the surface.
  • Varnishing process: apply a coat of varnish to the wood and it’ll give it a more interesting, elegant and hygienic dimension. It’ll also leave the surface smoother.
  • Paint: if you want to give your barrel a fresh coat of paint, think about the surrounding decor accessories to pick out a suitable color. If you prefer the wood, it’ll give your room a more natural, simple look.

Picking out a spot for your barrel

To successfully use a barrel for your decor, you can’t just place it in any random area. First of all, you need to know what function it’ll have in a certain area.

On a different note, you need to place it in an area that doesn’t block movement or in a place where it’ll steal too much attention. It should be a piece that works with a room, not overpowering the other items.

Any corner or further off area could be a good sport for a barrel. The important thing is that you have to be content with your decision and feel comfortable at home.

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