4 Original Ideas for Decorating an Urban Terrace

If you're thinking about making some changes in your home decor, we'll fill you in on how to decorate an urban terrace and create a beautiful, special setting.
4 Original Ideas for Decorating an Urban Terrace

Last update: 30 November, 2018

Decorating an urban terrace can be a great way to create a new setting in your home. Having a terrace creates a space to enjoy some fresh air, right in the middle of the city. This is an outdoor area, so you’ll need to decorate accordingly so that it can be a comfy space, too. If you like, you can decorate your urban terrace with the same style that you use in your home.

To decorate for success, you’ll need to combine various factors and create a beautiful, calm outdoor space. You’ll need to use appropriate furniture pieces, select decorative plants, incorporate lighting and the right colors for the setting. Below, we’ll show you 4 original ideas for decorating an urban terrace.

Decorating your urban terrace

1. Outdoor furniture

In order to enjoy the nice weather and fresh air, you’ll need to pick out furniture that best suit your needs and the space that you have available for your terrace. To give you an idea, if you have a small terrace, try to use smaller furniture, like a table for two. But if you have a big terrace, you can go for bigger furniture pieces and place them wherever you like.

Tables, chairs and sofas

With furniture, you can create an outdoor pseudo living room. Try using a table with wooden chairs and a low, L-shaped sofa in the corner of your terrace. Remember: if you’re using wooden furniture, you’ll need to prepare it with varnish and treat it for the outdoors. With the proper treatment, you’ll be protecting it from harsh weather conditions. If you’re leaning towards using a sofa, try to find a wicker one, treated for outdoor conditions as well.

Urban terrace furniture

These days you can find furniture that has already been prepared for extreme temperatures. You can find anything that you’re looking for in stores. If not, restore your own furniture and paint it habitually to protect it and keep them in top condition.

Rocking chairs and hammocks

If you have a lot of space, try using rocking chairs or hammocks on your urban terrace. Hammocks come in all kinds of designs for these outdoor spaces. You could add a few cushions for even more comfort. Create a relax corner with your hammock or rocking chair.


You also might want to think about a pallet couch. Throw some large cushions on top of them and you’ll have a little space for reading and relaxing. You can find pallets easily then paint and varnish them however you like.

2. Add plants to your urban terrace

Plants play a fundamental role in decorating any space, but even more for terraces. They add life to every inch of your space, decorating them with different shapes and colors. You can set up a hanging garden or use small and large plants. Another idea is using flower beds or planting small trees. You can even use artificial grass. It can be a great option for adding more green to your terrace. 

Urban terrace grass

3. Lighting

You’ll probably spend most of your time out on the terrace. But on hot summer days, you’ll be able to enjoy it during the nights as well. Installing an adequate lighting system is key for being comfortable and creating a nice, warm space.

You could use a beautiful set of warm, yellow or multi-colored string lights. Or, try using some big candle holders and jars with candles inside for another great idea. Look for the perfect spot to place them.

On another note, you should also think about some warm lighting for when you invite your guests to have dinner on the terrace. In addition, using soft, warm light as well, like candles, will also be important for creating a lovely, romantic atmosphere.

Urban terrace lighting

4. Textiles are crucial

Textiles also have a big role to play. Incorporating them in your urban terrace can be a great idea if you want to create a comfortable atmosphere for relaxing. A couple of blankets will be useful as the day dies down, when the sun sets and the air gets chillier. They’ll be perfect to wrap yourself in as you sit on your comfy sofa.

As you’ve read with us today, there are plenty of original ideas for decorating your urban terrace to best suit your needs. You should adapt your space to your favorite style. Nordic, rustic, minimalist, Bohemian, industrial or vintage– whichever you prefer. Remember, the final result will always look nicer if you match your terrace with the rest of your home.