Jazz Club Decor

Decorate to a jazz club rhythm and transport your guests to a space where you can feel an alternative and relaxed atmosphere.
Jazz Club Decor

Last update: 13 November, 2018

Jazz is a musical genre that has achieved resounding international success during the twentieth century. We don’t only find it in on stages, theaters, and bars, but you can also incorporate jazz club decor into your home.

Normally, we’re used to going to pubs where the design is generally associated with the type of music they play there. Therefore, if jazz is the music of the moment, why not incorporate jazz club decor into the interior?

If we take this a step further, why not decorate your home like this? There are multiple ways to give your home a different and innovative touch while breaking away from the traditional stereotypes of interior design.

Industrial design colors

Jazz club – a space of tranquility

Whether in a living room or a bedroom, you’ll need to have a large space to apply jazz club decor to your space.

It’s essential that you leave room to walk and don´t have furniture that would get in your way. You’ll also want to keep the furniture next to the walls.

The objective of this style is to achieve an open kind of ambiance. An open, easy feel is great because it gives a feeling of relaxation that you would experience at a bar or club.

In addition, you’ll want a particular kind of lighting in your room. Lighting will enhance your decor and serve as a final touch.

Industrial Design Material

Floors and walls

As far as the floor goes, you can use wood or concrete. You should really try and go for a darker floor. In this way, the room’s calm comes from the bottom up. A dark floor warms the room.

As for the walls, you can combine both smooth and rough surfaces. Consider using and combining various textures.

We advise using brick, either bare or painted. Using brick gives a unique touch because its surface looks worn. Therefore, it’s worthy of a jazz club.

If we put brick to one side, another part of the room can be painted in one color or you can leave the bare concrete exposed. By doing this, you achieve a more alternative atmosphere.

Having a wooden baseboard or flooring helps to differentiate the space. It also increases the room’s character. Even if the wall is divided between wood and concrete, you’ll still have a style that’s very typical of a jazz bar.

Furniture and style

What is the best type of furniture to convey the sense of a jazz club? First, we’ll have to pay some serious attention to the sofa. We recommend that you have a long, Chesterfield style sofa in one of the following colors: black, earthy brown, garnet, or navy blue.

You should refrain from adding any throw pillows, and let your magnificent sofa speak for itself. You’ll want to showcase its quality, comfort, and formality. The material can be in leather or velvet.

On the other hand, you can’t beat a good set of shelves. You’ll use the shelves to store functional and decorative items in the room. They’ll keep the room from being bare.

Tables and chairs have an anecdotal presence. They shouldn’t occupy all of the space, but they are functional. However, you don’t want their aesthetics to be too overwhelming. Look for pieces with simple lines and forms.

In terms of lighting, floor lamps with a similar, urban style can be a part of the room. It’s better to use floor lamps with a metallic material and have their roots in industrial and original design.

We should keep in mind that the goal is to create a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere that transports us to an urban and improvised world; the world of jazz.

Life is like  jazz – it’s better when you improvise. 

-George Gershwin-

jazz club decor

Aesthetics and decoration

If you want to decorate, what’s the best way to combine all of the elements? Which ones can we use? What are the best options for this style? Before you are overwhelmed with so many questions, we’ll offer you some advice.

Think about items sold by antique dealers. For example, old car license plates, advertising signs, watches, posters, old hanging bicycles, vintage items, etc. These items are the most useful for setting the tone.

On the other hand, it can be visually appealing to incorporate a neon sign. This harkens back to the idea of advertising for a jazz club on a busy street full of nightlife.

As for the walls, decorative vinyls are a good asset to add a curious touch. There are many different themes and titles to pick from.

With regards to the floor, you’ll want to use a rug with a plain, muted color that doesn’t steal the attention. You could also consider leaving the floor bare.


Make an alternative atmosphere in your living room. Consider the style belonging to jazz clubs, and give your home some unique, innovative character. Bring home the feeling of this earthy, raw genre.

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