9 Ideal Sofas to Have in Your Living Room

What are the different types of sofas that you can use in your living room? There are many! If you know the different characteristics of each, it'll be easier for you to choose the right one.
9 Ideal Sofas to Have in Your Living Room

Last update: 24 October, 2018

Sofas are a very important part of our living rooms and our daily lives. They’re with us every at-home movie night we have and they’re there for us when we’re taking a nap in the afternoon. And since there are so many types of sofa, we have to choose the right one very carefully! In this article we’ll tell you about nine different types of sofas.

A living room just isn’t complete if it doesn’t have a sofa as its main element. It doesn’t matter how large or small the room is, the decorative style of the room, or how much time we spend at home. We can’t take choosing the sofa, a key piece in our home, lightly. Therefore, spend a minute checking out the best kinds of sofas for your living room.

1. Chesterfield style sofa

We start with a classic: the Chesterfield is a sofa with a lot of personality and it’s ideal for environments decorated in English style from the nineteenth century. We associate these types of sofas with the upper classes. In the beginning they were made by hand, although nowadays they’re manufactured in warehouses.

This type of sofa has a low backrest (around 75 centimeters) and has a full upholstery with wide armrests. The first impression we get when we see a Chesterfield sofa is how comfortable and inviting it looks!

Classical living room chesterfield sofa

2. L-Shape sofa

This is one of the most-used types of sofas in large living rooms in houses with a lot of people. It’s usually placed in the corners of the room to make the most of the space. We recommend using this sofa if the room is square and its decoration is relatively modern.

It has several spaces to sit in, and you can get one that fits enough people to suit your needs. As the name suggests, it takes the shape of an ‘L’ with one part being longer than the other. A fairly standard size for this sofa is two meters by three meters.

3. Corner sofa

This type of sofa is similar to the one we spoke about above, but instead of having one side longer than the other, both are equal lengths. We recommend using this type of sofa in a smaller room that doesn’t have large windows near the corners. You’ll see these corner sofas most frequently in city apartments.

A great chaise longue sofa should be great quality and super comfortable.

4. Two-seater sofa or love seat

Another kind of sofa for small environments or homes where only one or two people live is a love seat. You can complement a love seat with an arm chair, a pouf, or a rocking chair. The love seat measures a maximum of one and a half meters wide (similar to a bed). It doesn’t occupy very much space, and we recommend that you place it against a wall.

5. Chaise lounge

The chaise lounge is a very nice sofa that needs some space. Its base has an ‘L’ shape, but in this case the longer side allows us to completely stretch our legs or even sleep on it. It offers a more modern style. It’s perfect if we have visitors that frequently stay overnight.

sofas chaise lounge

6. Modular sofa

This is the perfect type of sofa for people who are always rearranging their furniture. The good thing about this option is that it gives us the freedom to combine it or use it in the way we like most. This is because it’s made up of different parts. Modular sofas can offer support with an armrest or not. It all depends on how we want the sofa to be set up.

7. U-Shaped sofa

Do you have a huge living room and a very large family? If so, then this is the best type of sofa on the market for you. These U-shaped sofas are usually accompanied by armchairs and auxiliary chairs to form a perfect setup. In the center you can’t do without a low table for coffee cups or a glass of wine.

If you’re looking to achieve the communicative effect that this idea offers, you can buy a sofa with two or three different parts and place them facing one another. You can have your fireplace and some extra poufs or armchairs at the side.

8. Individual sofas

All contrary to the above, these sofas are good for complementing a larger sofa. They’re also great for very small spaces. If you’re not someone who likes to lie down for hours watching TV or reading but just likes to sit, you should consider this option.

9. Sofa with storage

A sofa with storage inside has a base that creates a large drawer. We can store all kinds of things in here: books, blankets, clothes, important documents, or even our savings. These compartments are usually found under the sofa and are covered by the same fabric and padding that cover the rest of the sofa.

Of course, there are many more kinds of sofas, such as the ergonomic (for those who suffer back pain) and those that can transform into a bed. Which type of sofa fits your needs best?

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