The Vast Variety in Security Doors

You can find all kinds of doors on the market. On the same note, security doors come in many varieties. Take at look at some of the possible characteristics.
The Vast Variety in Security Doors

Last update: 10 January, 2020

Choosing a solid security door represents an important decision as it can offer your home safety and peace of mind. Many people fail to realize the differences between the possible features. In our post today, learn about the types of security doors that you can consider for your own home.

Door frame and door

security doors frame

The first element we want to explain is the door frame. One of the biggest differences between security doors is the material they use for the frame.

Some door frames are wood, which is often a sort of fiberboard. Doors with wooden frames can also be made of wood themselves. On the other hand, door frames can also be metal. Metal frames also contain reinforcement omega. These types of frames feature steel doors, which are sturdier than wooden models.

Both types of doors look similar but the metal-frame door offers more security thanks to the sturdier nature of the material. Also, buglers often know the weak spots on traditional wooden doors, which makes the metal doors safer options.


security doors lock

Hinges are responsible for keeping the door firmly set into its frame. While they’re not normally on view, you have to choose an adequate set of hinges for your door as they play a crucial role in your home’s security. Hinges can work in many different ways.

In the case of doors with wooden frames, the hinges are drilled into the wooden frame. Metal doors, on the other hand, can either be drilled or welded onto the frame.

The latter option is often a more secure choice.


security door locks

Another element that sets certain doors apart from others is the lock. You need to know two fundamental aspects to understand the differences.

First, some doors may have several locks but one sole system that opens them. In other words, if you open one lock, you open them all.

But there are other lock systems as well where each lock has its own unique way of opening. Thus, when you open one lock, only that particular lock opens. If you’re trying to protect your house from burglars, you could have as many locks as you want but if they all open at the same time, you may be foiling your own security efforts.

Some doors also feature anti-burglary systems as well. These systems can detect forced entry and block access and items that might be used to manipulate the lock system.

You should also consider the latch or bolt you use on your door. Latches that work as a hook are easy to manipulate, making for weak security.

Cylinder locks and keys

security door key

Of all the possible features that can set a door apart from another, the most important just might be the cylinder lock and key.

Some doors have cylinder locks that offer less protection; they can be opened by simply drilling open the cylinder. Safer doors, however, feature certified cylinder locks that can resist attacks and breaking-entry attempts.

Even regarding keys, not all of them are the same. The keys for some locks can be copied by anyone who can get their hands on the original key. On the other hand, securer options aren’t as easy to copy and require a much more complicated process.

Make the right choice for your home after comparing your options and their security features.

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