Liven Up Your Home - Ways to Decorate Your Doors

Want something different for your home? Upholster or decorate your doors! You'll love the results.
Liven Up Your Home - Ways to Decorate Your Doors

Last update: 17 September, 2019

In our post today, we want to show you some ideas on decorating your doors. While they might not be the most common decor idea, they’ll definitely wow onlookers.

If you’re into DIY projects, try decorating your doors. These ideas work for your normal home doors or even for the doors on your furniture. Ultimately, it’ll all depend on your preferences and preferred style. As you’ll begin reading with us shortly, there are tons of possibilities!

Time inevitably makes its mark on our homes – tiles get damaged, furniture pieces wear out, paint chips off, etc. But there are ways to give your furniture and accessories a second life. And it’s the same case for your doors, too.

Thus, keeping your home well-maintained and clean is important to extend the product life of your home objects. But still, sometimes you just want something new, even if everything is still in good shape.

If you want a fresh look for your home for whatever reason, decorating your doors is an easy, economical way that you should consider. Let’s dive into the details below.

upholster decorate door economical

A new look for your doors

Even though doors come in different materials and colors, the truth is that our home doors tend to all look very similar. It’s the same case for the doors on cabinets, closets, etc.

A lot of us decorate our rooms with photos. In addition to other places, you can stick them on the back of your bedroom door so that you can enjoy them when your door is closed.

Another way to decorate the back of your door, whether it’s a door to a room or on a piece of furniture, is by using a vinyl decal. Try small designs (like stars or hearts) and create a composition with them. Or, find a big one to cover your door (like a large animal).

Wallpaper stickers are another similar option. Like decals, stickers are easy to apply and remove. Just make sure to pay attention to the size when you’re browsing. You’ll find endless options for patterns and designs.

decorate door decal

Or paint your door instead with small decor patterns over an original base color or cover it entirely in paint. A half-painted door is another original idea to try. Just paint your door halfway, leaving the other half in its original color. The way you want to divide the two colors is up to you and what will best suit your home.

Upholster your door

Lastly, we want to share the idea of upholstering doors. When we talk about upholstering somethingyou’ll probably start thinking of couches, armchairs, or even chairs, but not doors.

Remember how hard it is to remove grease stains from upholstered furniture? Well, your doors are less likely to suffer from these stubborn stains. If you decide to upholster and decorate your doors, remember that you can do it yourself without too much trouble. Though upholstered doors are more common in hotels, they can work in homes, too.

First off, upholstered doors insulate noise better, which you will really appreciate if you have a lot of household members. In addition, you have plenty of options – leather, leatherette (available at Leroy Merlin), vinyl…

You can even make your door more cushioned if you want. If that’s something you’re interested in, fit in a sponge layer between the door and the upholstery.

upholster decorate door cushion

Remember that you have to remove your door completely from its frame to work on it horizontally. Set it on two wooden stands to make the job easier. If you want to use the sponge layer, glue it onto your door first. Then just glue the upholstery on top.

Leave a few centimeters of margin on each side when you’re cutting the fabric. Then you can cut them for perfect borders. For the finishing touch, dress up your upholstered door with buttons or studs.

You’ll also most likely need to paint your door frame the same color as your upholstery. Or, you can leave it as it is to create some contrast. As you’ve read with us today, there are tons of ways to decorate or even upholster your door.