3 Home Security Systems for a Safe Home

Is your home protected? Home security systems are fundamental for feeling secure. We'll explain the best ones that'll help you feel safer.
3 Home Security Systems for a Safe Home

Last update: 14 March, 2019

Are you familiar with the different kinds of home security systems? Is your home protected? In today’s post, we’ll explain your options so you can pick the best one to keep your home as safe as possible.

We need home security systems to feel at ease in our homes. Read our post and discover the advantages of having one installed in your home.

Advantages of having a home security system

Recently, home security systems have gained popularity and have become a basic element for most homes. The reason behind their popularity lies in the many advantages that they offer, as well as an increasingly affordable price. If you’re going back and forth on installing one in your home, consider the reasons why you should:

  • Be at ease. Having a home security system can give you peace throughout the day and night when you leave home. Knowing that everything will be just as it was before will allow you to live easier and reduce anxiety.
  • Safety. This is especially convincing for people with children or valuables at home. Installing a home security system can guarantee the safety of your family and valuables.

However, these systems also have their inconveniences. First off, there’s the price of the installation and maintenance. We recommend browsing your options online. After providing some information about your home and the system that you want to install, you’ll receive various offers and will able to choose the best one.

Whatever you choose, security system prices have lowered over the years and these days, you can find all-inclusive security systems at a reasonable price.

How does a home security system work?

There are 4 elements that go into a security system. They all keep homes safe from any kind of break-in.

  1. Control panel. The control panel is the brain of the entire system. All of the following elements are connected to it.
  2. Keypad. Users punch in the secret code when entering or leaving the home to activate or deactivate the system. You’ll need to get into the habit of using the keypad or your security system will end up being a waste of money. Keypads are usually installed in the entrance way.
  3. Alarm or siren. This is the part that everyone recognizes. If the system detects a break-in, it sets off the alarm. The alarm flags any suspicious behavior in the home.
  4. Detector. Detectors can vary, which we’ll explain further below. They’re installed throughout the home and they use different ways to detect suspicious movements.

Now that we’ve gone over how a security system works, let’s go over the different kinds of detectors that you should have at home for the highest level of security possible.

1. Video cameras

One of the best detectors that work in any part of a home, exterior or interior, are video cameras. They record everything that happens in a home and store the footage for any needed revision in case of a robbery.

home security 1

Some models can be connected to smartphones, allowing users to access a live feed of what’s happening in their empty home.

2. Movement detectors

Movement detectors are a basic element in any home security system. They’re economical, easy to install and very effective. They’re installed in strategic points around the home and if they detect any suspicious movement, the send out a signal.

For a safer home, you should install a movement detector in every room or at least in the ones with more movement, such as the kitchen, living room or entrance way.

3. Sound detectors

Similar to the movement detectors, sound detectors are easy to install. They should be close to doors and windows so that they can react to sounds of breaking glass or other impacts from forced entry. After, they alert the control panel to prevent robberies.

The best way to secure your home is by using the different kinds of detectors together. By using all of your options, you can keep your home protected from any suspicious movements, sounds or behaviors.

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