Elements that will Help you Optimize your Kitchen Space

Elements that will Help you Optimize your Kitchen Space

Last update: 20 January, 2019

You don’t need a lot of money to optimize your kitchen space, just a little imagination and good ideas. We’ll show you some tricks to put everything in its place without any problems.

Unlike a few decades ago, we now have to find ways to optimize the space in our kitchens. It might be because we don’t make our food at home as much anymore, or because we spend very little time at home. Whatever the case, this room is still one of the most important in the house.

Tips to optimize space in the kitchen

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it seems that we never have enough space. We often don’t know how to make everything fit! But there’s no need to throw everything away or to only let one person in the room at a time. Instead, we’ll show you some tips for optimizing the space in your kitchen:

1. Put shelves on the walls

One of the best ways to optimize the space in your kitchen is to take advantage of your wall space. Shelves and bars can be used for anything: plates, cups, saucepans…and even just to decorate.

optimize your kitchen space

For example, you can buy identical jars to fill with sugar, coffee, tea bags, rice, condiments or anything else you can think of. But be careful. Don’t fall into the habit of accumulating things on your shelves since this will make your kitchen look smaller and cluttered. 

You can install a board with holes on the wall (like those used for tools) and then put hooks on it. Use this to hang the utensils you use every day so they won’t take up space in the cabinets.

Another idea is to install bars where you can hang spoons, pot lids or any other small utensil. And what about putting hooks under the shelves where you can hang your cups?

2. Choose an island

If you have the space in the center of your kitchen, we recommend you opt for an ‘island table.’ These don’t occupy a lot of space and are very functional.

They’re great for kitchens that connect to the living room. You can add benches or stools to them (chairs take up too much space). Also, you can put shelves and drawers on each side of the island to hold everyday items like cutlery, glasses, trays, etc.

If you don’t have room for an island, you can still create a shelf to store tablecloths and napkins under your normal table.

3. Opt for furniture with sliding doors and pull-out drawers

A great way to optimize the space in the kitchen is to choose furniture that best suits the space. If the kitchen’s dimensions are small, you should look for furniture that opens and closes with sliding doors instead of the traditional way (outwards).

Also, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you can install drawers in different spaces: under the countertop, next to the fridge, in a corner, etc.

4. Put organizers in the drawers

One of the biggest mistakes we all make is to use drawers to ‘save everything’ and then we can never find anything in them. However, if you use organizers inside the drawers, everything will be in its place and will be easier to find. Not only that, but you’ll also have more space available.

You can find all kinds of different organizers in home decor stores. Or you could even build one yourself according to your specific needs and the spaces you have to work with.

5. Always keep things in order

Functional furniture and organizers aren’t the only things you need to optimize the space in your kitchen. It will also depend on you and how organized you are. Although this habit isn’t related to the size of our kitchen, it’s easy to notice when a smaller one isn’t organized.

After making dinner, wash everything, dry it and then put it where it belongs. This will keep the kitchen tidy.