3 Amazing Sliding Door Designs

The best way to save space while keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
3 Amazing Sliding Door Designs

Last update: 28 November, 2018

Doors are a fundamental element of any house. They separate spaces and protect your home from the cold and heat. Plus, they’re an opportunity to give your home style and warmth. Have you considered sliding doors?

Regular doors eat up a lot of useful space, something that matters even more in small houses. That’s why people look for solutions to make the most of the square feet they have — but without sacrificing good design.

In situations like these, and for people who care about functionality and aesthetics, sliding doors are an excellent idea. They save space since they open and close parallel to the wall. And they’re a unique decor element!

We’ll give you 3 sliding door ideas here in today’s post. You’ll love them!

1. Rustic wood sliding door

As you know, wood is a fundamental interior design material, and it’s also a great option for sliding doors. Wood is a safe bet; it looks good no matter how you use it.

It looks especially good with rustic designs. One option is to install two sliding doors that open to either side.

Wood sliding doors are a great way to separate your entryway from the living room. In addition, they’re quite chic, even in the bathroom where space matters more than anywhere else.

This kind of door evokes an old farmhouse feel, so if you want to add an antique touch to your home, it’s something to consider.

Wood sliding door / ventanasinfo.com

2. Modern glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors are beautiful, but you should know that they require a big financial investment, both because of the material and because of how tricky installation can be.

They can come with either hidden tracks or visible tracks. If you’re going for a sophisticated, more subtle vibe — especially if your style is minimalist — hidden is the best option.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a more casual or industrial look, use visible tracks. They’re cheaper, though they don’t work with all designs. It all depends on your particular home decor.

Another option is to choose a glass sliding door with a thin wooden or aluminum (white or black) frame. It will make any room look more modern. Make sure that the frame you choose goes well with your furniture. Otherwise, you’ll get the opposite of your intended effect.

Glass sliding doors look great in the living room. They evoke elegance and sophistication, which is one reason we suggest them here, so they’re the first thing guests see as they enter.

However, they look great in bedrooms too. They give a sense of formality. You may opt for transparent glass here, to let in more light and make the room feel bigger.


Glass sliding door.

3. Industrial-style tracks

Sliding doors with industrial-style tracks are one of our favorites. The industrial style is gaining fans every day, and we’re seeing these types of doors in all kinds of environments now.

They’re usually made of metal or aluminum plating. The idea is for them to look like they came from an old factory. Making the tracks visible gives them an informal look, and you may also see pocket doors, where the door slides into a gap in the wall. We recommend making both the door and the tracks visible for the most authentic look.

You could also have glass sliding doors with an industrial feel to let in some light. These have glass windows and metal edges and are often somewhat rusty for even more authenticity and uniqueness.

Metal sliding door / pinterest.es

As you can see, sliding doors are one of the best ways to save space and give your house an authentic touch. In addition to the styles we mentioned above, you’ll find many more doors available for sale, in all kinds of materials and designs.

Generally speaking, they have a lot going for them, both functionally and aesthetically. Just give yours your own personal touch!