4 Types of Seats for Decorating Entrance Halls

Seats for decorating entrance halls are a must. Here you can find 4 different types of seats to make your entrance hall into a functional and unique place.
4 Types of Seats for Decorating Entrance Halls

Last update: 25 September, 2020

Seats for decorating entrance halls are extremely useful and are also a decorative item you can use to enhance this area of your house. Entrance halls are one of the most important areas of your home since it’s the first thing you see when you arrive.

Decorating this area isn’t always an easy job as it’s very frequently a room with limited space. Finding furniture that fits isn’t easy due to the size requirements. Also, this area shouldn’t just be visually pretty but it also needs to be functional.

Often, you arrive home in muddy or wet shoes because of the rain and coats, scarves, gloves, hats, etc. The entrance hall is the perfect area to put your things down and leave your shoes. In today’s article, you can find 4 ideas for different seats for decorating entrance halls.

A small but very useful area

The entrance hall is a small area but it can be very useful depending on how you distribute and organize the items it holds, including its furniture.

There are many different things you could use to decorate an entrance hall. You can go for a side table, a chest of drawers, mirrors, rugs, coat racks, shelves, umbrella holder, or seats. We will focus today’s article on the use of seats to decorate entrance halls. Decorating entrance halls with seats has two principal benefits:

  • You have a place to sit down and change your shoes
  • It can provide extra storage space

You can find many different types of seats. We’ve selected 4 that would be ideal, both aesthetically and practically. I

The shoe rack seat

This type of seat is one of the most common and practical. It’s a seat that, depending on its design, includes a place for storing shoes. This storage space is often found below the seat itself in the form of shelves.

An eye-catching seat

If you’re a fan of concrete or cement this seat is for you. It’s one of the seats for decorating entrance halls that we like the best, due to the originality of its design.

It’s a “handcrafted” seat. It could also be described as a bench seat, since its supports aren’t fine legs, but rather are thick, solid pieces of cement. The seat is of timber.

The combination of materials is what makes this seat unique and special.

It would be perfect for homes with a Nordic style decor.

Since the space underneath the seat will be empty, you could put a few baskets or boxes to make the most of the area below it, and to create some extra storage.

This timber and cement seat could go great as an option for seats for decorating entry halls

All in one seat

One of the principal objectives of decorating entrance halls is that they are functional. Another of the seats for decorating entrance halls on our list is one called the “all in one“. It’s a piece of furniture that includes a seat, a shoe rack, and a coat rack combined.

This type of seat would be great because you have everything at hand when you want to go out. And when you arrive home from work or sport you can leave everything in one place.

In among the seats for decorating entry halls you could use this option, a combined seat, shoe rack and coat rack

The king of simplicity

The last seat on our list is the simplest and most beautiful. It’s a timber seat without a back, with metal feet, and the seat is of rustic timber or even of soft fabric.

You could add some cushions to go with it, or even a blanket to make it more comfortable when you sit down.

Here is another of the seats for decorating entry halls, a simple yet elegant bench seat with a cushioned fabric top

Conclusion on seats for decorating entrance halls

There are many different types of seats for decorating entrance halls available. In this article, we’ve just shown you a selection of 4 that are simple, pretty, and functional.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the use of seats should complement other items in the entrance hall, such as lamps, rugs, or other furniture. We suggest that you dedicate a little time to organizing and choosing all the items that this area of the house will need so that it can be pretty as well as functional. Remember that the entrance hall is the first thing and the last thing your guests will see as they arrive and leave your home.