How Do You Make Yourself a Corner to Relax in at Home?

Do you want a corner at home where you can relax but don't know how to go about it? Today, we're going to show you the most important parts of creating this space for yourself.
How Do You Make Yourself a Corner to Relax in at Home?

Last update: 19 December, 2018

Making time to relax at home can be hard nowadays, with our fast-paced lives, and not having a corner to do it in can make it even harder. But your home should be more than just a place for your basic needs, or to be around your family. It also needs to be a space that feels like a refuge.

You want it to feel like an oasis that helps you recharge after a long day at work.

But a lot of people forget to make a place specifically for relaxation when they’re designing their home or furnishing it. 

So, today we’re going to tell you what you need to do to make yourself a corner to relax in at home. 

How to make yourself a corner to relax in at home


If you want to give yourself this kind of space, you need to find a calm area of the house. And we’re not talking about a gigantic garden. 

The first thing that comes to a lot of people’s head when they hear relaxation are large, open spaces. But you can turn even the tiniest corner into a super relaxing area. Make sure it’s far from all the noise in other areas of the house, like the living room.

If you want to make a place to relax in at home, a closed balcony, porch, or even a small corner of your bedroom are all great options. Of course, if you have a garden, that’s also perfect.


You obviously  need your space to be comfortable if you want to relax in it.

So, try putting some mats on the floor or on top of something like a wooden pallet. Puff chairs and couches are also great options.

puff chair to relax


If you want to make sure you can fully relax at home, your corner needs to be properly lit, too.

We relax better when we’re in an area with softer lightSo choose wisely when you’re making your corner: lamps, candles, and weak spotlights are all good options.

decorate candles


Another big part of having a completely relaxing space are the fabrics you put in it. 

Like we said earlier, this space is all about comfort. But it also needs to be warm and inviting.

Use quilts or blankets in winter and thinner fabrics in the summer. We also suggest using cushions of different colors and sizes.



Indoor plants are also very helpful when creating a relaxing environment.

Besides looking nice, they also transmit happiness and life and give off a nice smell (depending on the plant).

If you want to make a corner to relax in at home, choose leafy plants like ferns. Big-leaved plants like ceriman are great, too. Of course, flowering plants like orchids are also good. Using them will make your relaxation spot feel much closer to nature.

plants for relaxation


This is one of the main things to keep in mind when you’re making a relaxing space for yourself. Create a space that truly relaxes you, somewhere you can distract yourself with hobbies or recharge.

For example, if you like to read, make yourself a space where you can do that in peace. If yoga and pilates are what really help you unwind, put all the things you need for them in your corner.

Or, if there are all kinds of different things, you can use dividers or rugs to make mini-spaces for all of them. 

The main thing is to keep this space from becoming a burden, or a place to stick all your clutter. Take care of this space and explain to your family that it’s the place you’ve made for yourself to relax.



Having a corner to relax in at home is possible, even with a small house. All you need is to be a bit creative and follow our tips. 

Relaxation spaces are very personal because we all have our own ways of unwinding. So, use this space to do the things you love the most, get your energy back after yet another day at work, and simply get some rest.

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We can create both indoor and outdoor relax zones in our homes. A small corner will work just fine as a spot to kick back and relax.