Minimalist Doors for Home Exteriors

If you love minimalism, check out these ideas for your front door. You'll love them!
Minimalist Doors for Home Exteriors

Last update: 17 March, 2019

Check out our ideas for minimalist doors for exteriors in our post today. We often overlook them in our home design so now’s a great time to stop and give it some thought.

Exterior doors could include front doors, patio doors, and backyard or garage doors. Your home’s interior should match with its exterior, making the doors and front of your home very important aspects to consider.

As we’ve already talked about in our past posts, minimalism is a style that’s gained a lot of popularity over recent years. You can use it in any room and can even use it together with different styles, such as the Nordic style. It’s incredibly versatile.

Characteristics of minimalism

characteristics 1

Let’s first quickly go over the main characteristics of minimalism, focusing a bit more on doors.

  • More is less: letting go of anything that’s not essential is key for clean, open spaces. Visually speaking, space helps a setting look more orderly. We’re not just referring to furniture here, but also decorative accessories. For example, try to keep the wall next to the door bare so the area looks nice and open.
  • Functionality: in minimalism, we want everything to be accessible and practical, free of obstacles and excess. For doors, keep accessories and paint to a minimum. Try somber designs.
  • Straight lines: furniture should be simple with straight, elegant lines, which will keep the space balanced.
  • Lighting: lighting is key. In minimalist homes, clear windows that let in as much natural light as possible are essential. Try using simple glass doors for areas like the backyard or kitchen. The more diaphanous, the better.
  • Colors: the main colors of a minimalist palette are neutrals such as white or gray. If you use these colors for your an exterior door, you might have to clean it more often depending on the material you choose. Additionally, garage doors are sometimes black or dark gray.

Let’s move on to some examples of minimalist exterior doors that are widely used today.

Minimalist metallic exterior doors

garage door 2

Metallic doors are great for people who are looking for a hint of modernity for their home. They’re simple but equally elegant.

Don’t forget that it’s not just about aesthetics; you have to think about how these products can impact your lifestyle as well. So, in addition to other things, try to be energy efficient, choosing quality doors and windows for better insulation. Metal is a great example.

At the home improvement store Leroy Merlin (link in Spanish), you can find lots of exterior metallic doors starting from around 350 euros.

Minimalist wooden exterior doors

minimalist door 3

Hands down, wood is another popular material for minimalism. Wood is perfect for homes that have a Nordic (in a light tone) or natural style.

However, keeping it in good condition is tricky: it’ll require a lot more care than other materials because of the direct exposure to the elements. But there are alternatives such as steel doors with a wooden cover. At Leroy Merlin, you can find plenty of options. Though they’re often pricier, these doors have the wooden appearance that you’re looking for.

Don’t forget that there are other options like hinged or sliding doors. Just make sure that they’re simple and feature straight lines. Though we mentioned that neutral colors are importantyou can also try using bolder colors if you keep the design very simple.