Peephole Cameras For Your Front Door

Peephole cameras can allow you to see who's at your front door without moving from your sofa.
Peephole Cameras For Your Front Door

Last update: 02 March, 2020

How many times have you found yourself in the following situation – someone knocks on your front door and, although you take a look through the peephole, you don’t know who it is. Maybe you can’t see their face properly, or it’s too dark outside. Fortunately, peephole cameras have come to solve all your problems.

Technology touches every aspect of our lives. Our cellphones are now miniature computers, allowing us to check our email, send messages, surf the web, watch TV, listen to music, take photos and videos, and access all kinds of different apps. Everything can be recorded and played back through our phones.

One of the most interesting and practical uses of all this technology is to use it to boost the safety and security of our homes. For example, high tech peephole cameras can capture the face of the person on the other side of the door, and relay it back to a screen. Let’s take a closer look at these devices.

Safety first

Peephole cameras.

No doubt having a safe home promotes a sense of well-being. Assaults and robberies are becoming increasingly common in many parts of the world. It’s no longer enough to simply set a burglar alarm. You also need to know who’s on the other side of your door.

Peepholes aren’t usually very good quality. If you have trouble seeing through yours properly, you can use technology to upgrade the security in your home. That way, you’ll always know who’s on your doorstep.

Investing in home security will help give you greater peace of mind. Not only will you be able to see who’s at your door at all times, but if an unwanted visitor comes to the house, you’ll know it without even getting up off the couch.

Peephole cameras – features

Peephole cameras.

First of all, it’s important to make sure that your current peephole can be exchanged for a digital one. The alternative is to install a new security door with this system already installed. Let’s take a look at some of their most important features.

  • The peephole camera and the screen are directly connected, allowing you to see the images. You don’t need any cables. The screen is wireless, so you can move around with it inside the house.
  • The screen is compact and portable, at around 3 inches wide. However, the screen and color still need to be good quality, requiring 640 p resolution.
  • To install the peephole camera itself, the door will need to be around 1 – 2 inches thick. The camera will generally be around ½ an inch to an inch in diameter.
  • They’re battery-operated and don’t require a special type of battery. They also have a long lifespan.
  • Some peephole cameras have the option of allowing you to record everything that happens outside your door, storing the footage in a memory chip.

You can see who’s knocking at the door from anywhere in the house.

Where can you buy a peephole camera?

Security systems.

Amazon is one of the best options when it comes to buying these types of products. This multi-national marketplace stands out from other companies, offering a wide range of original and cutting edge home security products.

One of the main brands sold by Amazon is AYR. These are some of the best quality peephole cameras on the market. We should also add that they can be installed in your door instantly, allowing you to enjoy your product from day one.

Banggood is another great option when it comes to buying these kinds of items. While their products certainly come at a lower price tag, this does mean that the picture quality isn’t quite as clear.

In short, if you want greater security and peace of mind in the home, there’s nothing better than the knowledge that you can see who’s on your doorstep whenever you like. This’ll allow you to avoid any awkward situations, like opening the door to find someone you’d rather not see.

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