Advantages of Home Automation

Home automation, or domotics, is a new way to design homes that are safer and more energy-efficient. In today's post, we'll go over the advantages of domotics.
Advantages of Home Automation

Last update: 15 March, 2019

In today’s post we’re going to focus on the advantages of home automation, or domotics. While it was only used on a smaller scale in its beginning, home automation is becoming increasingly more common in our society.

If you’ve never heard of term before, let us explain: home automation is a set of technology that automatizes a home. For example, it could cover security, energy consumption management, well-being or communication purposes.

The fact that these home solutions can fit into any home, regardless of the size, area, etc. is huge. Home automation is accessible to a large sector of the population, which is a factor behind its success and considerable development. You can also adapt them for any room, which is another big advantage.

Home automation

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Home automation is simply incorporating technology (which continues to advance further) into home design. Smart buildings are actually a current reality. By making lifestyles more convenient and comfortable, home automation is a clear example of how technology can help society.

However, something you have to do before embarking on a home automation design is doing your research on costs, benefits, etc. and planning thoroughly. While the costs might seem enormous at first, home automation is a good investment in the long run as it’ll help you save in many areas. Also, similar to eco-friendly homes, smart homes are becoming more popular.

Biggest advantages of home automation

In this section, we want to explain the biggest advantages that home automation has to offer. Remember that these systems can work in all kinds of homes.

More energy-efficient

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With new technology, saving on bills is easier to do thanks to programmable light, water or heating systems— just to name a few. You can even automatize your Christmas lights!

You can also automatically set your heating system to follow the daily forecast, time of day or season. Some systems can even recommend what kind of clothing to wear on a given day.

Or, there are also automatic light systems that detect movement and others that control the brightness and darkness levels in your home, sometimes gradually. With these kinds of technologies, homes can be more eco-friendly and you can complement this by recycling.

Increasing home security

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Besides normal alarm systems, you have plenty of other options. For example, you can activate certain functions that make it seem like your home when you’re not, which is perfect for when you go on vacation.

Or, you can also check on your home from work as well as your home entrance or any other access point. Some systems even let you check if you locked the doors or not.

These days, you can get wireless alarms that still function even if the electricity or telephone lines have been cut. As you can see, the variety is enormous.

Less housework thanks to home automation

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Currently, we have a huge variety of household appliances and accessories that make our life easier at our disposal. Robot vacuum cleaners are a great example.

There are also refrigerators that feature a small internal camera. The camera allows you to check what’s inside on your phone when you’re out and about to help you with your groceries. Here’s another great example of a smart fridge – Samsung have developed a triple circuit refrigerator to prevent odors.

And, of course, there are also automatic devices for home cleaning. You can find them on Amazon. The best part about them is that you only need to charge them for a few hours. The same goes for cooking devices.

Thanks to all of these innovations (and plenty of others), now we have time to relax. As for other examples, you can even find blinds that go up or down automatically or automated sprinkler systems.

As you’ve read with us today, home automation offers big benefits that can make our life much more convenient. On top of that, they even make homes more accessible, which could be a huge advantage for people with physical disabilities or the elderly.