Options for Curtains for Summer Curtains

When summer approaches, you shouldn't just change your clothes! You can also reenergize your home's aesthetics to give a warmer touch.
Options for Curtains for Summer Curtains

Last update: 07 June, 2020

In the summer, you want to be surrounded by warmer, more joyful colors. When decorating your house, you should consider different options for summer curtains. This is a great way to add light and color to any room.

During the winter you might feel like your home is darker and less lively. However, you don’t want to feel like this when summer comes! Therefore, it’s time to change the curtains and choose ones that allow more light into the house.

To capture the spirit of summer you should focus on two fundamental components: color and texture. Through these, you can create a feeling of summer heat and reenergize spaces after the dullness of winter.

Colors for summer curtains

Yellow is a great choice for summer curtains.

First of all, you should consider which colors characterize summer. However, this doesn’t mean you should only consider warm tones! There are plenty of options that can create a more modern aesthetic, depending on your space.

Of course, some great options are yellow, orange, garnet, red, and obviously, earth tones. These are probably the most characteristic of summer aesthetics. Additionally, they’ll help fill your home with light. Just make sure they’re not blackout curtains!

On the other hand, white can also create a pure, relaxed, and idyllic environment. However, what about cooler hues? Blues and greens also have a place. Of course, you might want to consider curtains in these colors that are more transparent. This will allow more natural light to filter into the room.

Summer is synonmous with warmth and light.

The best prints for summer curtains

A fun print can also be perfect for summer curtains.

Color isn’t the only option for achieving the perfect summery aesthetic. You can also create a theme with the perfect print for your curtains. This is another way to give your home a cheerful, dynamic touch. Some examples are:

  • Hawaiian Theme: A dynamic and fun option is curtains with palm prints on a bright background. You also have the option of incorporating other features, such as water, a wave, starfish, or the beach.
  • Plants: Another idea is to use a print featuring leaves of different plants, like ferns, flowers, or other species. This allows you to create a more natural and fresh appearance. Additionally, these prints don’t have to look realistic. However, the best way to make them stand out is by choosing a white background.
  • Geometric motifs: Another somewhat less common option is geometric motifs. You can combine these patterns with warm background colors. This is the perfect option if you don’t want to create a strong theme, but also don’t want something too neutral.

Material and textures of summer curtains

Transparent white curtains.

If you’re choosing summery curtains, we recommend that you choose options that are light and allow light to come in. This will help create a calm, warm environment. As a result, you should look for curtains made of fine, translucent material.

Without a doubt, silk is the material that works best for this type of curtain. Besides offering a silky softness, this fabric also is fragile, light, and thin. However, the most important factor is that the fabric doesn’t shut out any light.

Other textiles can also work well. Overall, you want to focus on creating a sensation of freshness and softness. Be careful about your choices and make sure they help create this feeling.

Curtains become the principal focal point of any room.

Give your home a bohemian touch

A window with white curtains and flowers.

Macrame curtains are another option that creates a more original and creative look. Although this aesthetic is more bohemian, you can play with different colors and shapes.

If macrame curtains aren’t for you, you could also consider curtains with bohemian prints, such as mandalas, psychedelic shapes, or natural motifs. Creative people might like this option. It’s common to find curtains like this in beach areas.

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