Do You Know How to Pick out Curtains?

It's time to pick out curtains: models, fabrics, installation...everything your house needs.
Do You Know How to Pick out Curtains?

Last update: 12 May, 2019

You might have doubts if you’re trying to pick out curtains. The fabrics, the type, the hanging, and that’s without mentioning your indecisiveness! So, we’re going to help you out and tell you what you need to know about materials, lengths, and all the other options worth considering. Now, let’s pull back the curtain!

How to pick out curtains: the first decision, blinds or curtains

Decoration isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when deciding if you’d rather have blinds or curtains. What kind of window you have plays a part too. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are always more elegant, while curtains give a room more of a calm, casual look.


Floral print blinds half rolled up in a window in a child's bedroom.

Blinds are perfect if you have a small or oddly shaped window. The same goes for enclosed balconies, where y ou can put up a few blinds instead of one big one. That will make it much more practical and easy to raise and lower them.

There are lots of different kinds. One the one hand, there are folding blinds, which don’t have slats and are light and easy to clean. Then you also have things like screen blinds, which are one long surface and best for modern spaces.

You can also combine one blind with another to dress up the windows a bit more if they’re not long enough. Or, you could get a long one that touches the floor for a more bohemian space.


A series of elegant curtains in different styles and patterns on display.

Curtains can go with just about any kind of window and decorative style. You can have them hang down to the middle of the wall, but it’s usually best for them to drop down to the floor for a more elegant look. From there, you just need to pick out what kind of fabric and installation model you want for your curtains. But that depends on your needs and habits.

Types of curtain installation

A close-up image of double-rod curtains.

The advantage here is that you can buy curtains with standard measurements that can go with just about any space. The only thing you might have to modify is the length. But even that has been made easy because you can buy adhesive bands so that you don’t have to sew anything!

When it comes to your curtains, you can put in a rod, and pick out the material: aluminum, tin, wood, etc. The same goes for the rings and buttonholes. A rod is the simplest, most modern option, and if you open and close your curtains a lot it’s also the most practical.

Another alternative is rails, which you can hide behind a cornice, and make the room feel bigger. If you want to add a nice touch and make the room feel even larger, you can install them wall-to-wall as a double curtain. It looks super chic.

Types of fabric for curtains

Curtains made out of a canvas material, bunched up in the edge of a wall.
  • Linen: this has a natural look and is great for any room that you want to have a rustic feel. You can find it with different patterns and with thinner or thicker threads, depending on your tastes. Thin ones with a thick, closed weave are more classic. Thicker threads with more space in-between are more bohemian.
  • Silk: this is the most elegant curtain material. They fall really nicely and their softness will make any space feel subtle and romantic. Silk is a very delicate material, so you have to care for it and make sure the sun doesn’t drain its color.
  • Cotton: this is a classic option, and will give you durability and a light, flowy look. There are also options as far as the thickness and what effect you want to create.

How long your curtains should be

Thin curtains in a white, light living room.

This will obviously depend on the size of your window, but there’s a general rule you can follow. Measure your window’s with and multiply by 2.5. You’ll also need to know how wide the curtains are to determine how many layers to add. Divide your window width by your curtain width and you’ll know how many layers to use.

As far as the length, measure your window height and add 20 inches for below the window, and 8 for it to brush against the ground (this is very popular right now). If you multiply the width by the height, you’ll know how many square feet or inches you need.

Some tips to make sure you get your curtains right

Pink curtains spread apart in front of open windows looking out onto a green outdoor space.
  • Wash them first, because they tend to shrink.
  • Use double curtains or curtains and blinds, leaving the thicker one at the front to shield you from the sun and give you more privacy.
  • Choose neutral colors for at least one of them so that you don’t overload the space.

See, it’s not so difficult to pick out curtains! We’ll bet that now you know just what kinds you want for your home.