Use Voile Curtains in Your Home Decor

Voile curtains have plenty of decor potential. Aside from creating a beautiful setting, they lightly block out light and can also help distract eyes from our home's imperfections. Consider them for your home, you'll love them!
Use Voile Curtains in Your Home Decor

Last update: 31 January, 2020

Hanging voile curtains in your home is an easy, practical solution for diffusing light, reinforcing privacy or adding a touch of color. They fall beautifully and their lightweight quality adds a fresh feel to settings.

Voile curtains are simple and delicate. These translucent curtains can feature different colors and patterns. They have a subtler effect, unlike other heavier and more obvious curtains. But despite being subtler, they’re very practical and decorative.

The best fabrics for voile curtains are linen, muslin and other more costly varieties such as chiffon, organza, tulle or lace. Make sure to study how your choice affects light.

You should also keep in mind that some voile curtain fabric can have a shimmer. Examples include organdy or silk. Meanwhile, fabrics like chiffon or muslin are matte. Make sure your choice suits your surrounding home decor.

And don’t forget to hang them in a way that they’re easy to take down so you can wash them. Try to avoid rail or track systems to keep things simple.

Hanging voile curtains at home – different uses

voile curtains uses

Voile curtains work perfectly for small spaces or anywhere where you don’t want to draw too much attention to windows or doors. They can decorate subtly thanks to their small volume.

They’re very practical for kitchens or bedrooms as their lightweight quality won’t occupy space nor get in the way. You have to agree that they can certainly lighten up a room’s atmosphere.

Voile curtains complement other elements

voile curtain purposes

People often combine these curtains with shades or heavy curtains for their bedrooms or living rooms. The combination creates a more complex decor while dressing up windows and walls in various ways.

Voile curtains keep dust from flowing into homes when windows are open. Meanwhile, they also help curtains maintain their original color.

They look lovely with a slight scrunch but if your fabric already has a pattern, keep them spread evenly to showcase the pattern.

Hanging voile curtains

voile curtains set up

These types of curtains are the simplest to make and set up. Thanks to the lightweight fabrics and small dimensions, they make a simple project.

The easiest way to hang them is by using a plastic-coated curtain cord. While you can’t use cord to hang heavier curtains, it’s a quick and practical solution for voile curtains.

The flexible cord should be fastened into place with a set of hooks. This set up is a great option if you always want to keep your voile curtains closed.

Or, you can also use a bar to hang your curtains. You can even fold or knot them for a unique look.

Minimum expression

You can also fix these curtains onto the window glass with suction cups. Just place four cups into each corner, covering the entire window.

Velcro can also be a practical solution. It’s just a matter of sewing the soft part onto the curtain itself and sticking the rough side onto your window frames. Try it out for yourself!


voile curtains sewing

Voile curtains are easy to sew because they don’t have linings while being lightweight at the same time. You just need to hem and add in bunches or ruffles as you please.

You can also decorate them with ribbons, borders, crochet details or another type of fabric as well. To make your voile curtains, you’ll need the following: sewing machine, chalk, measuring tape, pins, sewing needle, scissors, basting and sewing thread, and the cord or bar to hang the finished curtains on.

Also, keep in mind that you have to sew and hem delicate fabrics by hand.

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