5 Decor Tips with Macrame Curtains

Decorate your home with macrame curtains and fill it with a creative, original and artisan air.
5 Decor Tips with Macrame Curtains

Last update: 21 February, 2019

Looking for new ways to decorate your home? Today, we’re going to show you 5 decor tips with macrame that’ll open your eyes to new possibilities for decorating interiors.

Macrame curtains aren’t a common home decor accessory. As a result, using this material can offer something different than what we normally have on our walls.

You have to pair it with other decor elements wisely. Macrame shouldn’t enter a setting randomly; instead, it should fit well with its surroundings.

Curtain dimensions

You should be thinking about the dimensions of your curtain when setting up the wall decor. There are, of course, many different sizes available, but the standard size is the best option for decorating successfully. We recommend the following dimensions:

  • Approximately 70 cm wide
  • Approximately 100-120 cm long
Macrame 1

Don’t cover an entire wall. The results would be visually overwhelming. A good idea, however, is hanging macrame on the middle-upper part of a wall for a visually pleasant and balanced effect.

Material and surroundings

The quality of the material is one of the things you should be examining closely when choosing a piece. For the most part, jute or thick, strong natural fibers for outdoor pieces and cotton for indoor pieces are a good idea.

Cotton is a great material for indoors because it’s lightweight, easy to clean while offering more detail than other materials. Additionally, cotton is easy to work with.

Keep in mind that these curtains are real work of artisan art; that means that analyzing the material quality and its surrounding environment can help keep it in good condition for a long time.

Frame or rod

You need to see if your piece has a frame or rod for hanging when you’re ready to adorn your walls. Most macrame curtains have a bar that allows for easy hanging while keeping it spread out as well.

Look for a curtain that has a wooden or bamboo rod to hang it easily.

But not every curtain comes equipped. If your macrame curtain doesn’t have a rod, you still have options. One example is framing the curtain. In a frame, your curtain won’t just stay spread out, but it’ll stay in better condition.

Decorative styles that work with macrame

  • Boho: macrame curtains offer both an informal feel and a hint of mysticism or dreaminess in Boho styles.
  • Rustic: the Rustic style uses artisan pieces and values the items of old. As a result, macrame curtains fit in perfectly.
  • Minimalist: single-colored pieces can work very well in a minimalist setting because they’re interesting yet subtle.
  • Alternative: the Alternative style can entail a wide range of decorative ideas and can use macrame curtains to create an original ambiance.
macrame 2

Where are the best spots to hang them at home?

Macrame curtains are an element that really adorn an area thanks to their beautiful design. So, where are the best places to hang them at home? Some ideas are:

  • Living room: in the living room, a macrame curtain becomes the highlight of the main wall. Or, they can adorn an area in your home that receives a lot of guests.
  • Hallway: in a hallway, these curtains can help dress up the space without overwhelming it.
  • Bedroom: curtains draw a lot of attention in bedrooms, especially if you hang them above the bed.

Macrame curtains will have a certain effect depending on where you hang them. The other aspects that we talked about (color, dimension, material quality, etc.) will also determine what they can do for a setting. The key lies in aiming for a harmonious yet creative combination.