Ideas for Decorating Your Windows with Flowers

If you want to decorate your windows with flowers, we'll show you some beautiful ideas to try out in our post today.
Ideas for Decorating Your Windows with Flowers

Last update: 26 May, 2019

Using flowers for both your outdoor and indoor window decor will grace your home with unbeatable beauty. Another advantage that using flowers in your windows has is that they’ll grow easily because they’ll already be in a place that receives natural light and fresh air.

Flowers embellish areas, they give us color and life in addition to fragrance. So today, we’ll show you some original ways to use flowers inside or outside of your home. Decorate your windows with flowers and give your rooms a touch of originality and romance.

There are different ways to decorate windows with flowers. You can play around with where you place them, what kind of container you use and what kind of flowers you pot. Below, we’ll show you some beautiful ideas that you can try out for your windows.

Decorate your window with flowers

Decorate your windows with romance and originality by using flowers. You can use them for both the outdoor and indoor areas. Flowers will add a beautiful, special something– it’ll be just what your rooms need. We’ll show you some great ideas to decorate and fill your windows with life.

Window flowers

Decorate your windows from the inside

Both the container for the flowers and the flowers themselves need to have colors that you like while matching the rest of your home. You could use jars, pots and hanging baskets as containers.

Use jars for vases

If you have a little windowsill, it’ll be perfect for decorating with jars of flowers. You could pick out some old jars that you have laying around at home and use them as vases. Fill them with your favorite flowers and create a beautiful floral arrangement. If you have several small to medium-sized jars, mix and match them to hold your flowers on the windowsill.

Or, for something different, you could use just one big jar to showcase a big bouquet of your favorite flowers. Remember to change their water regularly. Giving them fresh water will keep them from wilting too fast.

Another beautiful idea is using different kinds of glass, transparent jars. They should be different sizes, heights and shapes. The diversity will help contrast your flowers as they sit by the window.

Hanging vases or pots at your window

Here’s another wonderful idea: decorate your windows with hanging flowers. You can try this idea out on any fixed window. Don’t hang the flowers near any window that can be opened because it’s quite inconvenient and dangerous.

First, hang up your small vases or pots with a strong string, like jute.

Windows hanging plant

Next, pot some beautiful, colorful flowers and hang them from a hook on the ceiling. You can play around with different lengths to create a dynamic floral decor for your windows. You’ll just love the floral shower.

Create a lovely flower swing

Our next idea is really original and easy to carry out. It basically consists of creating a small swing next to your window. Choose the window that you want to decorate and start making the swing. For this, you’ll only need a wooden board and some jute or cotton twine.

Tie the string tightly onto each end of the wooden board and hang it from a hook on the wall or ceiling. When you’re done, you’ll have a small swing to hold small boxes or flower pots with your favorite flowers.

For a beautiful variation, paint the wooden board white and use white flower pots with flowers that have a strong color, like fuchsia, violet or blue. Your little swing will give your window originality, color, and romance.

Windows swing flower

Decorate your windows from the outside with flowers

You can also use flowers for your window’s outdoor decor. They’ll be in direct contact with air and sunlight. So, choose flowers that are meant for the outdoors. Wooden drawers are a popular substitute for flowerbeds. You can use them to showcase your favorite flowers.

Something else that you could try is using a beautiful flowerpot outside of your home. You could paint it the same color as your walls, or it’ll work even better if it’s a neutral color. If you plant a lot of vibrant flowers, they’ll really stand out and frame your home’s windows. Incorporate the life, colors and styles that flowers offer and decorate your windows in the most beautiful way possible.