Wooden Ceilings: Original Designs for your Home

Discover these beautiful and original wooden ceilings, and decorate your home interior with style.
Wooden Ceilings: Original Designs for your Home

Last update: 25 December, 2018

Wood is a noble, natural, organic, rustic and elegant material, which is why wooden ceilings can be a great alternative for home interiors. Nowadays, there is a whole variety of interesting and original designs that you can use for the ceilings in your home.

Plus, wooden ceilings bring both warmth and beauty to any environment. They are attractive, natural and easy to combine with lots of different materials.

They can be a great central feature in your interior. Plus, if you have high ceilings in your house, there are lots of impressive and daring designs to choose from. Next, we’ll show you some original wooden ceiling designs that you should keep in mind when it comes to building your home.

Original wooden ceilings

You can choose or even design your own wooden ceilings to give character and personality to your home. In this section, we’ll show you some original designs you’re sure to love.

Pale woods will give your home great rustic vibes.

Wooden beams

Thanks to the huge array of options on the market, wooden beams are one of the most popular options when it comes to designing wooden ceilings. You can choose uniform beams, rustic beams, beams with a special finishes, and so much more.

You can use them over your entire ceiling or just parts of it, and choose narrow or wide beams, depending on the look you want to create for your home.

If you choose to place your beams parallel to one another, you can play around with their colors and textures. You could put up uniform, pale wood beams that don’t have much grain patterning or texture. This design style is very popular for modern homes.

Alternatively, you could go for dark wood beams with lots of knots and really visible grain patterning. This option will bring a beautiful rustic aesthetic to your home.

Uniform parallel beams made from light, pale wood are a great option for rustic homes.

Fish bone ceiling beams

Another great option is to place your wooden beams in a fish bone formation. This is a really popular design at the moment. You can create this look by placing wooden beams side by side in a fish bone formation. It’s a great way to cover the entire surface of your ceiling. Play around with the placement and direction of your beams to create the perfect look.

Tree trunks

Tree trunks are a great way to bring the rustic style into your home. If you decide to use tree trunks in your home, you’ll need to think about the height of your ceilings. If your home has very low ceilings, this probably isn’t the best option for you. Visually speaking, these elements create a lot of weight, and can actually make your room seem smaller.

So, if you want to use tree trunks in your home, you really need to have high ceilings. This will give you enough space to use wooden beams to create a base for your tree trunks and further emphasize the rustic look.

Wooden beams and metal joists

Another great alternative is to combine different materials. You can use wooden beams to create the surface of your ceiling, then combine them with black metal joists, for example. You’ll see just how beautiful these ceilings can look in a modern home. Plus, you can install dichroic lights on your wooden ceiling to light up your home.

Wooden panels

You can use panels to create amazing wooden ceilings.

This last option will give your home a beautiful and classical style. It involves using wooden panels to make your ceiling. These panels are really popular at the moment, as there is a huge variety of different designs to choose from. You can find square panels, rectangular panels, textured or smooth… Depending on the designs you choose, you can cover the whole of your ceiling, or just part of it.

Plus, you’ll also be able to install lighting to highlight and decorate your wooden ceilings.

You’ll also discover that there is huge variety of wooden ceiling designs. You can design them yourself, choosing the materials, textures and colors you like best. Ceilings have a huge impact on your interior decor, so try to adapt your design to the style of your home.

Wooden ceilings are a great way to give your home an original and distinctive look. Choose the design you like best and enjoy having beautiful wooden ceilings in your home.