No Curtains? 5 Different Ways to Decorate Your Windows

Decorating your windows doesn't always have to mean buying and setting up curtains. There are different ways that we can take to make our windows look perfect.
No Curtains? 5 Different Ways to Decorate Your Windows

Last update: 14 December, 2018

While many people say that curtains adorn a room or setting, sometimes they can actually make spaces look smaller.

Consequently, more and more people are deciding to decorate their windows instead of hanging curtains. In our post today, we’ll give you some ideas in case you’re thinking about going curtainless.

Curtains or no curtains? That is the question

In one corner, there are those who say that curtains create intimacy, darkness, and decor– all at the same time. In the other, some say that fabric hanging from windows only gets in the way and makes rooms look smaller.

If you’re asking yourself, “is it better to hang up curtains or not?”, there isn’t one clean-cut answer because it depends on various factors. Though people have always used curtains, modern-day trends are quite the contrary.

You should use curtains if you have neighbors close by (they’ll provide you with privacy) if your home doesn’t have such a nice view, if your room receives too much direct sunlight, or if you’re a fan of conventional decor.

No curtains choice

If that’s not you, we recommend decorating your windows without curtains. They’re also a great idea if your windows are pretty on their own (like if they’re antique wood frames), if you have a nice view– garden, sea or forest–, if you like contemporary or modern design, or if your home is on the smaller side.

You could also mix and match depending on your room. To give you an idea, you could use curtains in your bedroom for some privacy as you change or keep the sun from waking you up at 6:00 on a Sunday morning. And you could also leave your living room or kitchen windows curtainless to maximize on natural light. It’s up to you!

Ideas for decorating your windows without curtains

If you decide to decorate your windows without curtains, we’ll give you some of our loveliest decor ideas that you can set up yourself:

1. Garlands

Garlands are very trendy these days and you don’t have to be celebrating anything to hang them. You can make them in different sizes and colors with different materials. It’s as easy as cutting out triangles and pasting them next to each other on a string or rope. Then, hang the ends of the string onto a window or a wall and you’re done.

On a further note, you can make garlands out of other elements like lights, handkerchiefs, flowers, photos, little flags… Let your imagination run wild.

No curtains garlands

2. Felt

Felt is a great material to use for curtainless window decor. You can switch up your decor to follow the seasons: yellow, orange and brown leaves for autumn, flowers for spring, snowflakes for winter and the sun for summer.

It’s so simple: cut whatever shapes that you want out of the felt and paste them on vertically to some string or rope. Hang the ends from your window and your seasonal decor will be all set.

3. Crochet

Crochet is a true art-form, but it can also be a great distraction for when you’re bored, on the bus to work, or watching a movie. Take advantage of that time to crochet circles of different sizes and colors; then, sew them together to make a decoration for your window. They’re perfect for a feminine room!

4. Fashion jewelry

Do you love bead necklaces, or do you want to hear a magical chime when you open your window? A great idea to try is making a beaded curtain with your favorite pieces. Feed the beads through the string on top of the previous ones and after, attach all of the strings onto a wooden board.

5. Flowers

No curtains flowers

By stringing flowers together, upside-down, you could create a beautiful, temporary curtain. It’d be perfect for when your garden is at its peak, providing new blooms each day.

Positioning the stem on top is crucial for helping your flowers last longer. You could also leave them even after they’ve dried and enjoy the natural touch that they add to your home.

Lastly, decorating your windows with adhesive vinyl decals is another excellent, curtain-free idea. They cover up windows a bit and provide some privacy. You could also make curtains from bottle caps to recycle and reuse the things you have hanging around at home.

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