6 Suggestions for Installing a Swing in Your Bedroom

Installing a swing in your bedroom isn't just for kids. You can create a throwback to your childhood by hanging a swing that can be used as an item of furniture, or even one that you can swing on during your free time.
6 Suggestions for Installing a Swing in Your Bedroom

Last update: 14 May, 2019

Would you like to have your very own swing inside your home? Whether in your child’s room or in yours… or even in the living room! In the following article, you’ll find some suggestions and ideas so that you can hang a swing in your bedroom. It will create a real feature that’s pretty and above all original.

Some tips for hanging a swing in your bedroom

Maybe you thought that because you’re an adult now, you can’t have fun like when you were a kid. But really, nothing is further than the truth. You could hang a swing as a decorative item, and remember those long hours you spent at the park when you were little.

The best thing of all is that to install a swing you really don’t need many materials. Although having said that, you should consider the fact that hanging a swing you will actually sit on from the ceiling won’t be the same as something you just use as a shelf. Pay close attention to the following suggestions.

1. As a play item in large bedrooms

A round free standing swing with cushions and blankets

If you live in a large house and the bedroom is of quite a considerable size, it would be perfect to install a swing to use for fun. For example: think of when you come home from work and you want to relax a little.

Take into account the space you will need for the swing so it doesn’t hit anything else when you’re swinging on it.

2. Swing for a smaller bedroom

A nature themed bedroom with a practical swing shelf

What if your house isn’t as big as you’d like? You can always hang a swing in the bedroom to use as a replacement for another item of furniture. For example, consider using one as a bedside table, or instead of a chair where you put cushions and blankets.

3. Beside a window, or a wall, like a sofa

A comfortable alternative to a traditional sofa

You can adapt this idea to a swing either in the bedroom (if it’s big enough) or in the living room. Give your home an original touch with a hanging sofa for either one or two people. Put it next to a window or a wall like a regular sofa.

The only disadvantage to this idea is that you won’t be able to swing that much since you’ll have the wall behind you. But this type of swing can be perfect for enjoying a few peaceful moments. You could read a book, feed your baby, or take a nap.

4. With recycled objects

A cool bedside table alternative made from recycled objects

If you want to install a swing as part of your decor but you can’t (or don’t want to) spend much money, you always have the option of making one yourself with what you have at home already. Or you could find recycled items to construct a small swing for less. Some people make swings using pneumatics, others with timber slats, and some even use an old table.

5. Bedroom swing options for adults

A free standing hammock made with natural fibers

If you consider that having a swing in your bedroom isn’t just for someone who is grown up, there is another alternative. You could choose another type of swing, such as a hammock. It could have a few cushions in it and have a closed structure, not one hanging from the roof.

Another idea is hanging a hammock such as the ones you can find on a beach. There are hammocks made with colored fabrics or strings. You can find hammocks for sitting or lying down, for one or two people, to hang from the roof or the walls, etc.

6. Don’t skimp on the supports

A swing in a child's bedroom would be a fun play item

Once you’ve chosen the type of swing you want for your bedroom, the next step is to install it. The quality of the materials you buy can mean the difference between a swing you love to use and one that you’re scared of using.

Of course, it’s not the same matter putting a swing up to hold a few books, than one you want to use to swing yourself or your kids. There are many different ways to hang swings, although the best is usually hanging it from the ceiling.

You can buy special hooks for swings and fix them using very strong screws or bolts. And don’t forget to buy a good quality cord or rope. You want something that will hold the weight of anyone who’s going to use the swing. Depending on the design, it could have a rope on either side or just a central rope. Make sure the design you choose will be well balanced.

Do you like the idea of putting up a swing in your bedroom? Or has this motivated you to install one somewhere else in your house? They are becoming more and more popular in interior decor in modern homes!

And the best thing of all is that swings  give a light and airy feel to any room, in comparison with conventional sofas, chairs or bedside tables.