Drew Barrymore's Flower Kids Collection

Rainbows, clouds, and the most friendly of animals are part of Drew Barrymore's Flower Kids collection. It's a very cute line for children.
Drew Barrymore's Flower Kids Collection

Last update: 08 July, 2020

Drew Barrymore just launched her Flower Kids collection. It’s a line aimed at the little ones in the house. This is because the actress from E.T. is one of the most enterprising Hollywood stars. Furthermore, she now surprises us with a collection of fun beautiful bedroom furniture and accessories for children.

Drew Barrymore launches Flower Kids because movies aren’t everything

A room done with items from the Flower Kids collection.
Flower Kids/almaemprendedora.com

A few months ago, the actress decided to present a home decor collection called Flower Home. Yes, the same one that’s now for sale at Walmart (unfortunately, it didn’t reach all countries).

The success was so great that she decided to target children. This is something she’s always been passionate about, and, therefore, we want to tell you what you can find in her collection.

What’s the collection like?

A bedroom done with items from the Flower Kids collection.

If there’s something that characterizes this mythical actress of the 80s and 90s, it’s her positivity, joy, and spirit of improvement. She confesses to being an absolute fan of the 70s. She also loves everything linked with the iconic rainbow symbol. This is because it speaks of love, inclusion, and joy.

Drew Barrymore launched Flower Kids out of her own need, “I wanted to create something I couldn’t find as a mother,” says the actress. “I felt there was a lack of color, joy, and boldness on the market, and if there’s a room in the house that can be the loudest, most adventurous, joyous, colorful and bright, it’s a child’s room.”

Furniture and more – this is the Flower Kids collection

A rainbow bookcase.
Rainbow shelf/almaemprendedora.com

In this collection, we can find pieces of furniture, decoration accessories, and party items. All with the actress’s signature.

We can enjoy the combination of eccentric but elegant designs thanks to its retro rainbow shelves and berry-dotted bedding.

Among our favorites, are the storage furniture in animal shapes. Thanks to these we can teach children the importance of organizing their own spaces. With this collection, it’ll be easy for us to create cozy and fun spaces where our little ones can play and feel comfortable.

Rainbows, magic clouds, and friendly animals are the stars of this product line.

This is what we like the most

An alligator trunk.
Crocodile trunk/walmart.com

We’re crazy about the crocodile-shaped trunk so the children can store all their toys in it. In the blink of an eye, everything will be tidy.

Another piece we would love to have (even if we don’t have children), is the rainbow bookcase. Isn’t it beautiful? Also, it’s the perfect height for children to have their library and be able to access it.

Finally, if we have to choose another object (although, we would keep everything), it would be the cloud lamp. It’s a great item to keep your children from being scared at night.

Something more about Drew

Drew Barrymore and her dog.
Decoration Drew Barrymore/today.com

This woman can do everything, when she’s not acting, she’s either directing or producing. But that’s not all. Drew started her career at a very young age, so she’s had the chance to explore many other options.

Also, she collaborates in several charities – she’s the national spokesperson for the ProHealth Care Foundation for women, and she actively participates with Wildlife Waystation, mainly financially. This association rescues animals around the world.

But that’s not all, she has her own brand of wines called Barrymore Wines, she’s also a photographer and, in addition to Flower Home and Flower Kids, she also has Flower Beauty, a line of cosmetics and fragrances available for woman.

As we said above, this collection may not be available in all countries but don’t let that keep you from browsing it online to derive as much inspiration as you need.

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