6 Tips for Choosing your Children's Bedroom Furniture

If you're looking to buy new furniture for your children's bedroom, here you'll find some ideas and advice on how to make the right choice.
6 Tips for Choosing your Children's Bedroom Furniture

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Choosing the right furniture is essential for any room, and children’s bedroom furniture is no exception. The furniture you choose for your children’s bedroom will largely depend on how old they are, as it is this that will dictate the style, size, material, and quantity of furniture that you need.

Children’s bedroom furniture is designed to be perfect for storing clothing and toys and will help you create the ideal space for them to play and have fun. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of beds, desks, chairs, tables, and so much more. Make sure to take the time to find the furniture that best suits your children’s needs and the style of their bedroom.

Choosing the ideal children’s bedroom furniture

As we’ve already mentioned, your children’s age is an important factor to take into account when choosing their furniture. It goes without saying that children’s bedroom furniture will vary greatly depending on whether they are a baby, a child, or a teenager. In this next section, we’ll tell you how to choose the right furniture for your children’s bedrooms according to their age.

Children’s bedroom furniture: nurseries

Babies and toddlers have very particular requirements, which are very different from those of a teenager. The first thing you’ll need to take into account when choosing their furniture is the dimensions.

Low furniture

When it comes to furnishing children’s rooms, you actually have a great deal of freedom. The only limiting factor is the amount of space you have at your disposal. We recommend buying low furniture, in proportion with the size of your children. That way, when your child starts to walk, it can grab hold of the furniture for support. In one corner, you could also incorporate a small table and matching chairs.

Children's bedroom furniture.

Rounded corners

We highly recommend buying furniture with soft surfaces, child-friendly materials, and rounded corners. This last point is essential. Try to steer clear of furniture with sharp edges. That way, you’ll be able to avoid any serious accidents. If you can’t find this type of furniture in your local store, you can simply add silicone corner protectors to the furniture you already have.

Wooden trunks

Wooden trunks are a great place for children to keep their toys. You can place several boxes in one corner of the bedroom where they can store everything neatly away when they’re finished playing. If you like DIY, you could even recycle old wooden drawers, decorating them just how you like them. Paint them with vibrant colors or pastel shades, and they’ll make a beautiful addition to any nursery.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are perfect for children. Try not to choose beds that are too high, and make sure they have safety bars. You can also find loft beds, with a ladder leading up to a single top bunk, and an empty space underneath where you can place furniture such as a desk or sofa.

A Nordic style children's bedroom.

Nowadays, you can find a huge variety of multi-functional furniture on the market, designed to meet several needs at once. For example, you can find beds that also double as a desk, or those that incorporate drawers, shelves, and much more. For young children, you can also find beds shaped like their favorite fictional characters.

Children’s bedroom furniture: teenagers’ rooms

It goes without saying that teenagers will need very different furniture to young children. Shelves and bookcases where they can keep all their belongings are essential. They’ll also need a large desk where they can study and do their homework.

Storage space

Try to buy modern furniture that matches the overall aesthetic of the room. You could buy beds with a built-in storage compartment, for example, which will give your teenagers more space for their belongings. Shelves and cupboards are a must. In short, the more storage space you have, the better. Another great addition might be a stand for a TV and games console.

A child's desk.


Bunk beds can be an interesting option for teenagers’ bedrooms. They’re a great way to save space and can be really useful when they have friends come to stay.

As you can see, there are so many different types of furniture to choose from when it comes to children’s bedrooms. It’s important to consider aspects such as your budget, the amount of space available, and the needs of the individual child. So, grab the nearest catalog, and get picking out new furniture for your children’s bedrooms.